29 Wow-Worthy Designs From 'Good Bones'

Season five of Good Bones has bigger and better design ideas than ever. Take a peek at some of our favorites.

Open Dining Area With Copper Accents

This light-filled dining area is grounded with chic neutrals and a copper light fixture.

Soothing Blue for Maximum Curb Appeal

Why not go bright and bold for exterior paint? This tone-on-tone teal blue color palette is modern and classic at the same time.

Bright Bedroom With Cozy Texture

A monochrome color palette in the bedroom means you can play around with textures and artwork. After all, it's easier to change a comforter than a wall color.

Contemporary Color in the Kitchen

Green cabinets are having a moment and this kitchen shows off exactly why. Give yourself permission to play with color as an alternative to the all-white kitchen trend.

Eclectic Mix for Comfortable Living

A mix of textures and styles is the best way to make sure all of your pieces go together. Plus, it will make any living area feel better for well ... living!

Bold Black Railings to Divide the Space

The black rails in this duplex create depth and texture in what would have otherwise been a somewhat awkward stair placement.

Open Shelving Goes Beyond the Kitchen

Put open shelving in the dining area as a stunning display for dishes or a bar cart alternative.

Classic Color Palette for Exteriors

When all else fails, you can't go wrong with light and bright exterior paint.

Accent Wall Doubles as a Picture Ledge

The bold, black accent wall is a work of art itself, but it adds even more visual interest with the framed photos on top.

Soothing Hues and Pendant Lights

A contemporary color on the cabinets + of the moment light fixtures = a match made in heaven.

Rustic Headboard With Romantic Bedding

Play around and use two contrasting styles in the bedroom for a more interesting and trendy look.

Double the Seating

Kitchen islands are great. But kitchen bench seating may just be even better. Adding a simple window seat is great for casual seating or even curling up to read a book.

All of Our Favorites in One

When all else fails, pick your favorite variation of all the design elements and combine them. This kitchen does just that with gray-blue cabinets, industrial accents and open shelving.

Unique + Industrial Details

Turning a vintage scooter into an entryway table might be an undertaking, but it surely has an impact! If you can't commit to that level of DIY magic, add in other industrial elements to give your home a cool and modern vibe.

Natural Wood Accents for the Front Porch

Natural wood with white exterior paint adds a clean and organic look to amp up the curb appeal.

Small but Stylish

If all you really have room for in a bedroom is sleeping, make it the best experience possible with bountiful and luxurious bedding and details.

Industrial Windows With Neutral Palette

The black steel windows and design-foward light fixture in this living space are perfectly balanced with the natural materials and color palette.

Bold Fireplace in the Dining Room

If you've got the budget, why not put an additional fireplace in the dining room? It functions as a standout design piece AND a way to keep everyone warm while they gather around the table.

Beautiful + Functional Island

This island has a sneaky secret: It houses the dishwasher as well as a lavish sink! If you can't sacrifice counter space, this is a great and stylish solution.

Colorful + Contrasting Front Porch Accessories

Sometimes, all it takes to up the design factor of your front porch is carefully selected accessories. These yellow chairs pop against the subtle blue paint of the exterior and can be swapped out at any time.

All White Exterior With Classic Landscaping

A classic approach to landscaping makes for the perfect pairing with this all-white paint job.

Black Pendant Light + Double Rugs

Go a little non-traditional with a darker light fixture. While you're at it, layer your rugs for more texture and dimension.

Unique Hand-spun Details

This island is great by itself but gets a boost from the turned-wood leg at the end.

Elegant Gray Color Palette

The soothing shades of gray throughout this living area make it the perfect chill space for company and homeowners alike.

Best of Both Worlds

Even if it isn't technically indoor-outdoor living, having ample windows and outdoor access in the kitchen will make cooking feel a bit more luxurious and relaxing.

Rich Tones + Industrial Accents

Industrial accents aren't just for neutrals. Tie it all together with statement lights and a color-coordinating painting.

Simply Stylish

The classic approach is classic for a reason. From the color palette to the pendant light to the fiddle leaf fig, this bedroom nails all the details.

Sleek But Functional

This kitchen island is elegant in its simplicity. It leaves room for more accessories and fun details throughout the open-concept space by grounding the overall look in clean lines and colors.

Dramatic Entrance

Don't be afraid to take a risk! This painted staircase grounds the design of the entire room.

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