Aubrey and Bristol's Next-Level Glam Spaces

The Marundes have never been shy about bold, glitzy design choices — and for the second season of Flip or Flop Vegas, they've outdone themselves. Fair warning: You might want to don sunglasses for a look at these eye-popping homes.

Hollywood Regency Chic

From an X-frame canopy bed to a showstopping accent wall and mirrored accent cabinets, this master bedroom is all about gleaming details. That heavy metal softens up beautifully with a rich accent rug and plush pink linens.

Chandelier Trio

Why settle for a single dramatic pendant in a kitchen and dining area when you can install three? The crystalline, almost oceanic pieces dripping from the fixtures over the island complement the marine blue Aubrey chose for the walls and tufted chairs, and the chromed orb above the dining table oozes glamour.

Modern and Masculine

Strictly speaking, this first-floor living area is meant to be considered a "man cave." Aubrey’s interpretation of that oft-clunky theme is polished to a high sheen, thanks to the bold geometry of the custom stair rail, a sophisticated game table and graphic art.

Sleek Salon

Deep olive green serves as a moody backdrop for this living room’s monochromatic art. The mineral gray in the flooring and paintings takes an organic turn in the furnishings Aubrey chose: Shapely wood adds an element of interest to the overstuffed chairs, and that shaggy area rug is an excellent place to sink one’s feet after a long night on the Strip.

Massive Mosaic

Aubrey loves to deploy accent tiles in unexpected ways, and this master bath is a perfect example of how diminutive pieces can have serious impact. Once a ho-hum bathtub, the new shower’s bold geometry gives it the feel of an art installation.

VIP Table

The Marundes’ buyers expect to come home to the same high-end finishes they find in Vegas’s over-the-top public spaces, and the dining area in this Mesa Verde home doesn’t disappoint: Pulling a chair up here feels like scoring a seat at an exclusive restaurant.

Bathing Beauty

Now this is a space worthy of a starlet: A marbled-and-mirrored accent inlay rises behind a footed soaking tub, and a chandelier gives the area a cinematic spotlight. As for the shower — it deserves its own feature.

Stall of Mirrors

Understatement of the year: This walk-in shower is ready for its close-up, courtesy of beveled, mirrored tiles paired with bands of marble. Who could resist belting out a show tune or two?

A Twist of Lime

Citrus in a cocktail is refreshing. Citrus on a fireplace, on the other hand, is unforgettable.

Tile with Style

A graphic pattern like this one would be a cool feature on a single surface, but Aubrey hasn’t met a right angle she couldn’t climb right over — and the floor, shower and backsplash in this master bath are all fair game for embellishment.

Work and Play

Business and pleasure go hand in hand in Las Vegas, so it stands to reason that a home office there should look more than a little like a tableau from Cirque du Soleil, no?

More Is More

Tufted beds, satin beds and mirrored beds — all kinda entry-level glam. A mirrored bed partially tufted with satin, positioned beneath a drippy chandelier and covered with teal pillows and a faux fur blanket? That’s Aubrey-level glam.

Fab Cabinets

Waking up with a cup of coffee? So overdone. Waking up with a neon built-in that would make Barbie seethe with jealousy? So Vegas.

Loud and Proud

Aubrey’s unabashed love of look-at-me patterns and hypersaturated hues splashes across every surface of this living room, which has so much rock-star swagger that it actually takes a minute to realize there’s a purple fire feature built into the wall.

Statement Shelf

A load-bearing pillar that would stand as an afterthought in another home is a focal point here, thanks to the wraparound bookshelves the Marundes created to make it unique. Punctuated with a quintet of globe pendants and a diamond-tiled island, this kitchen and dining area is full of midcentury character.

Staging Area

Speaking in purely scientific terms, it might be possible to emerge from this master bathroom without electric-pink hair or a pompadour that would put Elvis’ to shame — but we rather doubt it.

Cherry Jubilee

The velvety gray and creamy white walls in this open-plan home allow the eye to travel directly to its undisputed star — a high-drama, fire-engine-red tufted sofa.

Dark Arts

With an ebony feature wall and an ornate iron canopy bed, this moody master bedroom is a romantic retreat from the desert sun.

Precious Stone

Aubrey has a knack for finding massive slabs of marble, quartz and granite for one-of-a-kind kitchens, and her skills are on full display in this dramatic, waterfall-edge island.

Above and Beyond

Opportunities for feature walls can be few and far between when you’re aiming for an open floor plan. That is, unless you’re Aubrey — and you’ve got an impossibly cool ceiling design to top off a swank living room.

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