Vegas Glam But Make it Beachy

Aubrey and Bristol went full beach house vibes on this 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom Vegas property with a pool.

A Vegas Beach House

Inspired by the stair railing, Aubrey decided to go with a coastal, beach house vibe in this 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom Vegas home. The property needed a decent amount of work, including serious updates to the kitchen and master bathroom. Ultimately, Bristol and Aubrey walked away with a profit of $80,500.

Kitchen, Before

The original kitchen was very '80s and very much tucked away in its own little cave.

Kitchen, After

To completely open up the space, Aubrey and Bristol took out the wall separating the kitchen from the living space and put in a peninsula. Even though they lost cabinets when they took out the wall, they gained back the storage space in the peninsula.

Living Room and Dining Room, Before

Here you can see how a wall completely closed off the kitchen from the living and dining room space.

Living Room and Dining Room, After

What a huge difference taking out that wall made! The kitchen now flows directly into the dining room. Between the table and the peninsula, there's plenty of seating for all.

Living Room and Dining Room, After

A unique design feature Aubrey incorporated in this room was the wood flooring on the ceiling. This really highlights the vaulted ceiling and adds to Aubrey’s coastal feel.

Living Room, After

Throughout the main level, Aubrey chose a wood-like tile with a little variation to complement the ceiling. She also incorporated lots of blues and coastal/nautical elements with her staging.

Family Room, Before

The original family room. In the background, you can can get a peek at the staircase railing that inspired Aubrey’s coastal design.

Family Room, After

The new and improved family room in all its beachy glory.

Family Room, Before

One nice feature of the family room was that it came with a fireplace.

Family Room, Before

Aubrey and Bristol wanted to add excitement to the fireplace so they built a pop out around it and framed it with tile. Not to mention, they added some shiplap on the wall for a nice, coastal accent!

Master Bathroom, Before

The original master bath had a funky layout.

Master Bathroom, After

To start with, Aubrey and Bristol took down the wall that had separated the toilet from the vanity. Aubrey wanted a big impact in here, so she brought in a lot of color and texture with the patterned tile. Not to mention the mirrors and the fun pearl-like necklace that frames them.

Master Bathroom, Before

The original master bathroom had a wall between the toilet/shower area and the vanity. The tub/shower combo was sunken and had a mystery space at the one end.

Master Bathroom, After

Aubrey and Bristol said goodbye to the weird tub and hello to a walk-in shower with bold tile for big impact.

Master Bathroom, After

Another look at how much more open the bathroom is.

Guest Bathroom, Before

The original guest bathroom needed a complete makeover but thankfully nothing structural.

Guest Bathroom, After

The new and improved vanity.

Guest Bathroom, After

Since this bathroom is shared by two other bedrooms, Aubrey wanted to keep the design a bit more neutral in here compared to what she did in the master bath. Therefore, she paired a gray and white mosaic subway tiles for a safer design.

Backyard, Before

Another thing that inspired Aubrey's coastal design was the fact that you could see the pool from several rooms in the house. Thankfully, the pool was in mostly good condition besides the tile.

Backyard, After

Bristol and Aubrey refreshed the backyard a bit and updated the pool with new tile. You'll also notice that they painted the exterior of the home a grayish color.

Master Bedroom, After

The three bedrooms in the home were all in a good shape and only needed cosmetic updates. For the master, Aubrey and Bristol created a nice accent wall with shiplap painted blue. You can't have beach house vibes without shiplap, right?!

Bedroom, After

One of the other bedrooms.

Bedroom, After

Another bedroom with some cute coastal accents.

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