A Condo Fit for a Bachelor

April 18, 2019

Vegas Condo Gets A Makeover

When a Las Vegas Boulevard condo became available, Aubrey and Bristol bought it sight unseen. With only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, they purchased the place for $129K, invested another $16.5K into renovations, and flipped it in a little over two weeks.


Aubrey and Bristol have sold a lot of units in the same area and every single one of the buyers was male. For that reason, Aubrey decided to go with a very masculine, bachelor pad-friendly design. In the kitchen, they took down a wall to open it up to the living room and added a long peninsula with additional seating. She used gray quartz counters in the kitchen and brought in accents of navy blue and lime green.

Living Room

In the main living area, Aubrey used a charcoal-colored wood-like tile for the floors. She had Bristol build a pop out to function as a media center with additional storage.

Dining Room

The new dining area incorporates pops of lime green to lighten up the gray design.


In the one and only bedroom, Bristol created an accent wall with a pop out covered in laminate wood flooring. Aubrey jazzed it up even more with a custom neon sign that says "Lucky."


Aubrey and Bristol updated the bathroom with a freestanding vanity for a more modern look. They brought in new lighting, mirrors, and tiles.


In the bathroom, Bristol replaced the tub with a walk-in shower which Aubrey decked out in dark charcoal subway tile and an inlay of the patterned tile she used for the vanity’s backsplash.

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