Flip or Flop Vegas: From Design Nightmare to Total Dream Home

In what seemed like an impossible feat, Bristol and Aubrey managed to take this 3,200-square-foot mess and turn it into a functional and updated home with a home office, game room, and great outdoor space.

March 22, 2019

Their Most Challenging Floorplan Yet...

On the Season 3 premiere episode of Flip or Flop Vegas, Bristol and Aubrey were met with one of their most challenging floorplans yet. In fact, Bristol disliked this house so much that Aubrey went to great lengths to update it with his favorite color: blue!

Kitchen, Before

Usually kitchens need to be opened up during flips — but that wasn't the case in this house. The original kitchen was absolutely massive and had one of the funkiest layouts Bristol and Aubrey had ever seen.

Kitchen, After

For the kitchen, Aubrey went with dark wood cabinets and white quartz countertops to create a contrast often seen in mid-century modern designs.

Living Room, After

In what was originally a living room, Aubrey and Bristol created a home office — something that buyers love!

Dining Room, Before

The original enclosed inclosed kitchen in the home that Aubrey and Bristol are renovating together as seen on Flip or Flop Vegas

Dining Room, After

The new open dinning room with a barn door. Check out that modernized staircase in the back, too!

Great Room, Before

The outdated great room with a fireplace.

Great Room, After

The new great room with a modernized fireplace.

Great Room, After

Another view at how the great room opens up into the kitchen and an additional entertainment space.

Downstairs Master Bedroom, After

Check out that barn door!

Downstairs Master Bathroom, After

The new vanity, shower and bathtub in the downstairs master bathroom.

Upstairs Master Bedroom, After

Upstairs Master Bathroom, After

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