Living Room-Style Kitchens

See how a kitchen can serve as a second living room with functional stations for working, dining, relaxing and entertaining.

Photo By: Designer, Thomas A. Conway

Photo By: Geoffrey Hodgdon

Versatile Kitchen

This kitchen is not just for activities involving food. With an eight-person dining table, a breakfast bar and a desk, this space offers many options for work, play and everything in between. This kitchen also flows right into the living room, so it's the perfect place to hang out. Image courtesy of Burgin Construction

Relaxing Design

This kitchen has a waterfall wood table that visually divides the kitchen from the family room, making this an ideal space to relax. There is also a floor divide that separates the space where the limestone floor of the kitchen meets the wood floors of the family room. Design by Rebekah Zaveloff

Open Floor Plan in the Kitchen

An open floor plan allows views and light to be shared throughout this space. The kitchen and dining room areas open up to the living room, creating the ideal place for multitasking. Design by Andreas Charalambous

Kitchen Blues

This kitchen doesn't get much natural light, so the walls were painted blue to lighten up the space. The room has different "stations," such as the counter, the dining table and a comfy window bench, creating a variety of places to do homework, cook or visit with family members. Design by Teal Michel

Multifunctional Kitchen Space

Green and white is a beautiful color palette that looks striking when accented with black. This is exemplified in this space with granite countertops, black wrought-iron counter stools and other accessories. The color palette gives this space a bright and fresh feel. The openness through the kitchen, dining area and seating area makes this a multifunctional space. Design by Ackerman Interiors

Fun Color Palette

The color palette of this space is influenced by the breathtaking California coastline views seen throughout the house. The functional kitchen layout makes the most of the light-filled space and opens up to the family room and outdoor living area. The built-in banquette and oval dining table serve as a spot for the family to gather for informal meals. Design by Velvet Hammerschmidt

Multipurpose Kitchen Areas

The bar in this space doubles as a desk and message center. The trestle table is key to making the bench seating practical and comfortable. A classic palette of black, brown and cream keeps this vintage kitchen feeling fresh. Design by Rebekah Zaveloff

Open Kitchen Feel

A large entrance between the kitchen and the family room creates an open feel throughout this space. The French doors and original molding details integrate this room into the rest of the home, and the transom windows allow more light to reach the kitchen. The dining table has a bench for seating on one side, offering a comfortable spot to enjoy a meal. Design by Rebekah Zaveloff

Interactive Family Space in the Kitchen

This kitchen is an open, interactive space and a hub for family activity. The light wood of the cabinets, along with the window, brightens up the space, while the tiled backsplash gives the room a Southwestern feel. Design by Steve Appolloni

Laid-Back Feel

Bold yellow-green walls, granite countertops and a multicolor backsplash serve as the backdrop to the contemporary rug in this kitchen. The space has multiple seating areas, including a dining table, a counter and a desk, creating a very functional space. The TV in the corner also adds to the laid-back feeling of the room. Design by Jill E. Hertz

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