The marriage between comfort and style...

Jose-Luis and Nathalie are passionate people. They love their work like they love each other. Together they are Mila Design, a high-end Builder and  Interior Design firm offering a comprehensive range of services for large scale commercial and intimate residential work alike.

Attentively collaborating with their clients, Jose-Luis and Nathalie believe building a relationship is synonymous with sculpting each client's vision, allowing them to bring a unique style and artistry to every project.

Commercial and Residential design are more than functional high quality environments to Mila Design. They have a soul, an energy and Mila Design strives to infuse their work with the essence that their clients outline.

As a team, Jose-Luis and Nathalie thrive in challenging the industry limit. Backed by an extensive network of similarly passionate professional suppliers, Mila's team brings the best to every project. Working together allows Mila Design to realize innovative solutions to maximize the potential of the vision and deliver an experience to their client beyond what they hoped for.

" Our vision is to manifest your vision "

Nathalie Milazzo

Nathalie Milazzo

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