Our Name

We are often asked how we came up with our company name, The Ranch Mine. Before we formed our company back in 2010, we spent 7 months traveling around Arizona, exploring the rich history of our state. During these trips, a common thread started to emerge: the pioneer spirit. Everywhere we went we heard stories and saw manifestations of the driven, impassioned people, such as ranchers and miners, who were willing to endure hardship in search of a better life. This spirit is still alive and well today and serves as inspiration to design spaces that afford us the opportunity to imagine what’s beyond what we see in the present so we can strive for new experiences.

Our Story

In 2009, Cavin Costello received his Masters degree in Architecture and made the drive to Phoenix, Arizona sight unseen, inspired by the complexities and opportunities to be had in the rapidly urbanizing southwest. He had not yet been a full day in Phoenix when he met Claire, a Phoenix native looking to make the most of her recent move back home. The two quickly bonded over their ideals of the built environment, how to improve upon it and its ability to influence. Not settling for a hard hit economy to dictate their next move, the duo decided to act. So, they bought a fixer upper and experienced first hand the trials and tribulations of a major renovation.

The two continued paving their own path developing the First Phoenix Green Construction Code project, designing for visionary real estate developers, and creating inspired homes for unique homeowners. Cavin and Claire have continued to push the envelope in designing for the pioneer spirit which has won them multiple national awards, landed them features on the NBC Today Show and with HGTV, and had their work published in numerous books and publications on 6 continents around the world.

Cavin Costello
Principal Architect

Cavin Costello is the son of a civil engineer who endeavored to build his own house in rural Connecticut. It is safe to say that this exposure to building systems mixed with a “go get ’em” attitude laid the foundation for Cavin’s future. Cavin pursued his childhood passion at Northeastern University from which he earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Master of Architecture degree, graduating Summa Cum Laude. During his schooling he was able to study in and call Florence, Italy home, using that time to explore the country, building his appreciation for history and how culture and context affects the built environment. His enthusiasm for adventure led him to Phoenix, Arizona where he has become a prominent figure in the community. Cavin is currently a licensed Architect in Arizona, Tennessee, Montana, Colorado and North Carolina.

Claire Costello
Chief Executive

Claire Costello is a native Phoenician who received unique exposure to rambling ranches, mid-century modern and desert architecture. Claire was young when she was asked to pick up a shovel and do some dirty work at her aunt and uncles in Tucson. This “dirty work” was digging dirt to build the first rammed earth house Claire had ever known of. Leaving the desert behind, Claire ventured to the University of Colorado at Boulder where she received concurrent Bachelor of Science degrees in English and Communication. Her time away from Arizona led Claire to travel the world, fueling a desire to make real change and igniting a belief in the power of action. Upon returning to her hometown, Claire sought to make a familiar place new, exciting and her own. Emboldened with an entrepreneurial spirit, Claire is committed to reclaiming her hometown of Phoenix one home at a time. Today, Claire embraces a hands-on approach to design and development and works toward shaping a more vibrant community.

The Ranch Mine

The Ranch Mine

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