GordonDunning is a Decatur, GA based boutique interior design firm founded by two lovers of story, history, travel, and classic designs injected with color.

Once upon a time, our great, great, grandfather Gordon Dunning, milled exquisite wool tartans in the Highlands of Scotland. These textiles instilled a love for design in our hearts…Okay, that’s not true.

Alternatively, our real story began in the not-so-faraway land of Nandina Home & Design where we first became a design team. We quickly realized that we were in it together for the long haul. In 2014, GordonDunning was born.

Loves for history, story, travel, and classic elements injected with color drive our designs. Although we certainly have our own design aesthetics (We are designers after all!) that we infuse into our projects, it is our goal to keep your personal story at the forefront of any design. We create spaces for you to illustrate tales of your past adventures, to share current interests, and to create new memories.



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