Refined Asian Garden

Landscape designer Michael Glassman creates a beautiful Asian landscape full of colorful plantings.
By: Barbara Ballinger

Lush Garden Oasis

A range of heights will draw the eye up and around the garden, including a mix of green textures for year-round delight.

Refined Plantings

Subtlety is another feature of most Asian gardens with a mix of flowering trees and shrubs and rocks, from small pebbles to big boulders.

Quiet Meditation

A meditation spot was tucked into a corner with a Buddha surrounded by bamboo rising vertically and pebbles running horizontally.

Stylish Privacy

Privacy from neighbors or a street may be critical, but be sure to make the fence compatible with the style of the garden and soften it with greenery.

Asian Influences

Rocks of varying sizes, an oversized Asian statue and a mix of textured plantings are essential components for an Zen-style garden.

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