Lisa has always had a curious awareness of design ever since she was a little girl. Moving the furniture in her bedroom was a weekly event and still is!

Prior to receiving a more formal education through UCLA’s Architecture and Interior Design Program (Arc-ID), Lisa spent a great deal of her 20’s living abroad, mostly in Paris and Spain. Lisa learned the tools of the trade from some of the finest design and architectural artisans of the time in her journeys throughout Europe.

After moving back to Los Angeles, Lisa learned about what Meridith Baer was doing staging luxury homes and thought, “That’s a job?” She quickly landed a spot for herself along Meridith as an important part of her team; staging and designing interiors for over 10 years. Lisa has built an amazing portfolio of custom work (some highlights of which can be seen on this site), gaining immeasurable experience in that position.

Lisa has earned the trust of high profile residential clients, builders and realtors, having staged numerous multi-million dollar properties. She has been featured on television shows and print publications, including HGTV’s reality show “Staged to Perfection” and HGTV’s “Selling L.A.”

In 2012, Lisa split from Meridith Baer’s company and founded Lisa Vail Designs, “After working for over a decade as a high-end staging designer and furnishings buyer, I am proud to now be working on my own and excited to embark on my next adventure!”

– I love turning nothing, into something Great!

Lisa Vail

Contact Me
Lisa Vail Design
www.lisavaildesign.com 22060 Ybarra Road Losa Angeles, CA 91364 818-383-4202

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