White Contemporary Bathroom

Designer Kerrie Kelly used simple white design features and cool gray accents to give this bathroom a modern makeover.
By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik
From: Kerrie Kelly

Simple, Gray Chic

Tiled in a multitude of soft cray hues, the bathroom has an all-over contemporary vibe.

Less Is More

The various tile textures and hues allow for simple design throughout the rest of the bathroom, including the countertop.

Understated Design

Barely-there wall and door hooks allow for towels to stay off the counter, staying true to the bathroom's minimalistic design.

Pop Art

The bathroom's muted hues allow for a fun piece of wall art.

Down to the Last Detail

A wall faucet adds a modern touch.

Contemporary Fixures

A sleek faucet and showerhead add to the bathroom's contemporary design.

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