Rustic Barn Hayloft Renovation

This barn's hayloft was transformed into a stylish loft dwelling and outfitted with repurposed materials sourced from around the farm.

White Farmhouse Has Large Side Porch

White Farmhouse Has Large Side Porch

A large covered porch runs the length of this white farmhouse. The porch offers a shady spot to kick back and enjoy refreshments, board games or just being with loved ones.

Photo by: Michael Khait

Michael Khait

When interior designer, Kendall Simmons’ clients bought a farm and moved from Nashville an hour away to Santa Fe, Tenn., they enlisted her help with their latest project. The land they purchased included a farmhouse, barn, chicken coup and several other buildings original to the property. The initial plan was to renovate the old farmhouse, but after realizing the work and cost that would be necessary to bring the home up to date, they had to scratch that idea.

Farmhouse Features Barn Doors and Large Windows

Farmhouse Features Barn Doors and Large Windows

A balcony is situated over wood barn doors at this white farmhouse. Large windows above the balcony doors fill the interior with natural light.

Photo by: Michael Khait

Michael Khait

While cleaning out the 1920s barn hayloft Kendall’s client, Chris, looked out the front opening and saw an opportunity. That opportunity came in the form of a barn renovation that would turn the former hayloft into the perfect home for the empty nesters.

The haylofts’ approximate 1,400 total square feet, meant Kendall had to get crafty with the space planning. She had to think outside the box and determine how much could fit into the barn to make the space livable for the clients. The result was a mostly open, loft-like, space that takes full advantage of the high ceilings, and incorporates repurposed materials from the previously existing structures.

Bed Paired With Reclaimed-Wood Nightstands

Bed Paired With Reclaimed-Wood Nightstands

A bed with an upholstered headboard adds a contemporary touch to this transitional bedroom. The reclaimed-wood nightstand dressers on either side add a contrasting rustic element.

Photo by: Michael Khait

Michael Khait

Giving nod to structures original to the farm, Kendall set out to salvage the raw materials from the property to use in the design of the loft space. The kitchen cabinets and bedside tables were constructed from wood found in the chicken coop, and the porch metal clad roofing was also salvaged.

“It’s so much more time intensive to salvage things and find ways to reuse them … but the end result is always worth it,” says Simmons.

While many of the materials used in creating this home were repurposed from older structures, Kendall used modern fixtures to bring them up-to-date without taking away the original character. This project centers around “appreciating the old and also incorporating it in with the new, so that it all works together,” Kendall explains.

Closeup of Reclaimed-Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Reclaimed-Wood Cabinets Give Transitional Kitchen Character

Rustic reclaimed-wood cabinets and floating shelves add character and texture to this bright white transitional kitchen. The sleek subway tile backsplash adds a more contemporary touch to the space.

Photo by: Michael Khait

Michael Khait

For instance, the kitchen cabinets were constructed from reclaimed wood found on the property and are embellished with modern lucite and brass pulls. This creates an interesting combination of modern and rustic that helps the design “feel like it’s a part of this century.”

The details Kendall implemented into this project, give nod to the existing farm, while also modernizing the home to be in accordance with today’s standards – resulting in a truly stunning, one-of-a-kind home.

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