Forbes + Masters is a full-service Atlanta-based interior design team that specializes in curating the essence of you or your brand into custom-tailored residential and commercial spaces. Helmed by acclaimed young designers Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters, the firm specializes in collaborating to conceptualize and plan spaces, manage projects and contractors, and source and stage custom furnishings for a variety of clients.

Both notable designers in their own right gaining attention and acclaim, Monet and Tavia met when their paths overlapped on a project. Even though Monet was making her exit and Tavia was coming on board to wrap the project, each recognized something unique in the other. The two established a professional friendship which expanded to acting as assistant on each other’s projects. When Tavia trusted Monet enough to stand in on a client meeting for her, the two decided to officially join forces.

Both share an affinity for bold, eclectic designs which marry with the vision, personality and lifestyles of their clients to become personalized and infused with each client’s unique fingerprint. But as individuals, each brings unique strengths to their projects. Tavia brings her business background to craft client budgets and keep spending in line as well as spearheading meetings, proposal presentations and mood boards. Tavia also has a gift for personal connections and spends time getting to know clients on a personal level. Monet is the consummate task master, who oversees project logistics, manages contractors and organizes installations, working behind the scenes to make sure everything is in order. With her design school background, Monet takes the reigns on renderings and floor plans. 

Working with Forbes + Masters ensures the expertise of two designers who share one desire to merge their creativity with the client’s personality. Rather than cookie-cutter designs that reflect the designer’s tastes and preferences, Forbes + Masters individualizes each and every project with their three hallmarks.


While every design is infused with Forbes + Masters love of eclectic elements, each project begins with an in-depth process where Tavia and Monet take the time to get to know the clients on a personal level. Exploring your vision, inspiration and influences results in turning your dreams into a physical space. “We connect with the client before connecting with the design,” Tavia shares.


Unlike some designers who outsource every element of the project, Tavia and Monet love to roll up their sleeves. With Monet creating patterns and handpainting design elements and Tavia wielding a hammer to create and customize furnishings, the team isn’t happy unless they’re onsite. Most projects contain custom elements specific to your design that you won’t see anywhere else. “We create new styles along with our clients when we mix and match materials to create a space,” says Monet.


Clients come to see Forbes + Masters as more than simply service providers, but as trusted members of their families or team. They entrust them with sensitive financial information, keys to their homes and businesses and access to their spaces.

Most importantly, clients trust Forbes + Masters to execute their vision for their project and that their final design will truly embody their personality combined with the Forbes + Masters design sensibility.

Adept at moving projects to completion smoothly and managing any challenges, the team communicates and incorporates your input, while working best with clients who trust the Forbes + Masters vision and truly want the expertise of visionary designers. The Forbes + Masters fresh aesthetic, expertise with high-end clientele across commercial and residential projects nationwide plus their customized design process make them the ideal firm for those seeking bespoke spaces.

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