Our award winning designs strive to combine the timeless qualities of the past and the progressive ideas of today.  We have developed an innovative and efficient design process, which enables us to achieve superior results and exceed client expectations.

anguard has received numerous awards over it’s 15 years serving clients, and has been featured in national books, magazines, and local Parade and Showcase of Homes.  We have a proven record of accomplishments and a solid reputation in the industry that only comes from successful projects. 

We specialize in listening intently to our client’s vision for their project.  Our experience has taught us the right questions to ask and the challenges to anticipate.  It’s our ability to interpret their needs and desires and capture the essence of the design, that sets us apart-while also capturing those goals in a unique design solution.

Our ability to create exciting, innovative designs, comes from many sources.  First is our years of experience in studying successful architecture across the country and around the world, and understanding their charm and characteristics.  Whether it’s trips to design-trend setting California or the timeless structures of Italy, we strive to understand what makes buildings special, and greater than the sum of their parts.  Second, we take a team approach to reviewing many different ideas and perspectives within our office, to take full advantage of the talents of our staff.

Vanguard utilizes the latest in computer technology to clearly communicate our design solutions, right down to the actual stone color and textures, which our client’s have found to be an invaluable tool.  This is accomplished through still renderings and animated movies.  Our ability to realistically place a client’s project on their site with their actual views, provides them confidence that the finished product will meet their expectations.

Vanguard is committed to energy efficient design solutions.  That starts with site orientation, sun control-to best building practices for this region, and exploring the best technologies available.  

Whether it’s our hand sketched character studies or computer generated construction drawings, we have carefully considered our methods of communication.  Everything starts with hand drawn plans and perspectives, the time tested way to quickly express and pursue ideas. We have also developed multiple procedures, checklists, and automated updates, to achieve the greatest level of competence in our drawings-which is a crucial element in eliminating issues during construction. 

Our involvement in the process starts with our first site visit, and ends with the finished project.  This holistic approach ensures that our experience and understanding of the project is utilized throughout-we’re always accessible to the client or builder.

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