We provide bespoke, turn-key architecture, interior design, and project management for residences. 

Sarah Boardman, ASID, is a graduate of Bennington College and has a degree in Environmental Architecture from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  She has worked across the south, spending time at Ferry, Hayes & Allen, Waldenour, and Intentional Dwellings before starting Triptych with Zach Hill.  Her background is in residential and restaurant design, and she has a passion not just for modern design, but also the sustainable and in particular the air quality and health benefits that can spring from a design executed with the proper care and intention.

Zachariah Hill is also a graduate of Bennington College.  Prior to starting Triptych he was the founder of Difference Design Lab,  design and construction company that focused on low cost, modern, and environmentally friendly houses.  The creation of Difference Design Lab was driven out of a belief that we should buy and build homes the way we have begun to do with cars.  Rather than simply buying the biggest one we can possibly afford, we should think about quality, durability, sustainability, and performance first.  He brings these convictions with him to Triptych, where he leads our efforts in value engineering and construction administration.

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