Welcome to High Contrast Design House. We design spaces for those that like a bit of quirk with their comfort and think normal is boring - spaces that scream YOU.

This isn't about cookie cutter design. It isn't about boring and blah. This is about bringing the BOLD to create spaces as cool as you are, and that function the way you live, work, or play.

Fearless from the start, I have been honing my love of pattern, color and texture as a designer for more than 15 years, creating stunning spaces that exude YOU.

You could say I've known I was supposed to be an interior designer from a very early age - that I was born to design and live and breathe it. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to work with amazing and creative clients across the country, designing colorful, vibrant, functional residences, inspiring offices and mouthwatering restaurants.

My approach to design is always centered around the client first -- whether it be a young family, a retired couple looking for a fresh start to a new chapter in their lives, or a single bachelor or bachelorette who wants a cool space to entertain. I have a unique connection with my clients that translates to a highly personal (and fun!) experience designing. You should walk in through your front door and smile, not just because your space is beautiful and functional, but most importantly because it exudes YOU.

For over six years I helped lead the creation and operations of a high-end, modern furniture showroom in downtown Austin, Texas that is the destination for style and design in the most vibrant city in Texas - Urbanspace Interiors. The experience of learning about and working with some of the most amazing furniture designs, light fixtures, textiles, materials and the world's top designers has given me an incredible toolbox of inspiration to carry into my designs. I love to mix modern and vintage, incredible quality with custom, one of a kind pieces. I love to add something unexpected that speaks of the client's interests, passions. My goal and my love is to design spaces that tell your life stories.

I am now thrilled to offer gutsy designs, killer style and a focus on you with my own firm, High Contrast Design House

Emily Basham-Hoelscher

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High Contrast Design House
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