Cezign is an association of designers and image creators working on modern, contemporary interiors and exteriors. We have a background in using multiple media and communication models to strive for eclectic, unique and advanced designs.

We have been working in both commercial and residential design in multiple European countries together with famous architects and furniture designers such as Michael Philip Wolfson, Zaha Hadid's senior designer for many years who is now famous in his own right and Swedish design firms such as Rupert Gardner Design. We try to balance modern spaces and interiors with a rather experienced touch of cultures: ethnic, familiar items and inspirational objects and art.

Our focus is on creating affordable spaces that have a high level of multi functionality but that still blend esthetically with what is unique and contemporary. It is a creative force that transforms unused existing raw spaces and turning them into attractive modern design properties at a reasonable cost. We see our multi creative background as a way to keep options open, mixing modern materials approved in the field of design to enhance our clients' varied spaces by using our experience and varied art forms.

We are functioning as "boutique designers" bringing our exclusive design to a sophisticated clientele in an affordable and flexible manner.

Cecilia Dupire

Cecilia Dupire

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