As a self proclaimed excessive over-user of words in print and continual verbal vomiter in person I was born and raised in Utah, and recently acquired by sunny SoCal and have been calling it “home” for the last 4 years. From a very young age I payed attention to design in a way that the people around me didn’t quite understand. Some called it being “special”, my grandma called it being “aware” and my mom called it “normal”. But, that love and desire to what I call “design” has pushed me into a life abound in creativity. I made my way through college studying both Violin Performance and Architecture which my parents still think allowed me to not only further my creative pursuits and hone my skills as a designer. Whatever ended up happening during my tenure in school must of worked as I began working as an intern under Frank Gehry in Washington, D.C. quickly into my third year of school which then led me to a job at a luxury design firm in L.A. Skip a few years and a lot of experience by trial and error, I am now working for Emily Henderson Design in a city that continues to fuel my artistic passion and in the meantime I am doing everything I can to be constantly inspired by the opportunity to design, create, and curate.

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Brady Tolbert

Brady Tolbert

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