Established in 1997, assemblageSTUDIO creates site specific projects which embrace the inherent qualities of the respective environment. Design and sustainability are brought together to develop appropriate desert responses to modern living and working spaces. 

We are based on the meaning behind the term, "ASSEMBLAGE," a collection and / or gathering of individuals or things with similar beliefs brought together for a common purpose. We come together.. not out of need.. but out of a spirit of mutual respect for each other's talents and a genuine desire to collaborate. 

assemblageSTUDIO understands designing for specific environments. Where buildings provide for both intimate and large scale gatherings, formal and informal, where planned and unplanned activities occur..where landscape and building merge into one. Canopies to shade, heavy walls to shield..not the latest fads but the time tested ideas crafted in appropriate materials and technology. It is the transformation of their knowledge into built forms that has enables assemblageSTUDIO to be recognized for their design excellence. 


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