16 Charming Brick Walkway Ideas to Inspire You

These walkway ideas are so charming they'll step up your walking game.

June 09, 2020

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A Brick Walkway Adds Charm

There's nothing quite as lovely as a brick walkway winding through a garden in full bloom. It's quaint but sturdy, classic but versatile. Different colors of brick and different patterns give each walkway its own look. You can even lay one yourself with the right tools and some elbow grease. So, if you're searching for spring landscape and hardscape ideas, stop and consider the beauty of a brick walkway. We've rounded up some fresh garden walkway ideas for inspiration.

From: Greenwood King Properties and Luxury Portfolio International®

Line It With Colorful Flowers

Simple pathways like this one look beautiful lined with brightly-colored flowers. Choose hardy blooms in your favorite shades.

Incorporate Water Channels

Kick it up a notch by incorporating water channels into your walkway design. Here, the shallow channels feed into a nearby pool.

Go Tropical

Although brick walkways are often associated with cottage style, they actually work well with a variety of design styles. In this space designed by Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture, a brick walkway cuts through a tropical garden to a patio.

Pair It With a Pergola

Consider building a pergola around a section of your walkway to create visual interest and height. Certain types of pergolas can also provide shade.

Pair It With an Arbor

Another structure that can add interest, height and shade to your walkway is an arbor. Arbors are also great for displaying climbing plants.

Opt for a Stepping Stone Path

A brick stepping stone path can serve as a budget-friendly alternative to the classic brick walkway. You can buy pre-made brick stepping stones and pavers or craft them yourself.

Create a Focal Point

If you plan to lay multiple pathways, ensure they all meet at one spot. At the meeting spot, create a focal point with a water or fire feature, impressive landscaping or a seating area.

Narrow + Widen It

Your brick walkway doesn't have to be simple or boring. Consider designing a path that narrows and widens to create interest underfoot, like this path by Southview Design.

Add a White Picket Fence

You just can't ignore the charm of the white picket fence. This pairing by Jeff Troyer Associates works especially well for cottage-style homes.

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Choose a Rich Red for a Mediterranean Look

A rich, red brick walkway pairs beautifully with a Mediterranean-style home, like this one designed by IS Architecture. Plus, the walkway looks particularly lovely with a red-tile roof.

Let Your Gardens Shine

If your gardens are really impressive, it's OK to let them steal the show, even if it means forfeiting the clean-cut edges of your walkway. Allowing for some organic growth creates space for beauty and personality.

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Winding Brick Walkway

This Spanish Revival redesign has great curb appeal with its winding brick walkway that ends at a bright lipstick-red front door.

A Path With Perspective

Installing a short brick path that leads to your door or a small courtyard brings interest and detail to your front yard space.

A Well-Laid — and Lit — Path

This brick path is buffered by low brick walls with path lights to lead visitors to the front door.

Create a Garden Tour

Want visitors to experience the best of your garden without fear of trampling your plants and flowers? A brick path leads visitors efficiently through your outdoor space and highlights a layered landscape that builds from low plants to high ones.

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