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40 Unique Paver Designs for Outdoor Spaces

Take your outdoor space or patio to the next level — or multiple levels, if you're feeling feisty — with customizable, durable pavers.

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Photo: Statile & Todd Inc., design by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.

Backyard Paver Ideas for Every Style

When planning your patio, there are many elements to consider: the landscape, climate, budget and how you and your family will use the space. But there’s one workhorse material that manages to find its way into almost every outdoor patio design project: pavers.

With the variety of patio paver materials, sizes, styles, colors and textures, they truly are one of the most versatile materials out there. Patios with pavers can likely work for your home no matter your style or budget.

Long, rectangular pavers like these — especially ones in small quantities that might be left over from a larger project — are just what the landscaper ordered for oddly shaped spaces that could use a bit of whimsy. Completed with contrasting infill, this casual look is perfect for a private nook. See the following photos for more backyard pavers ideas.

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Photo: Chris & Cami Photography, LLC. From: Carolina Landscape.

Charismatic Groundcover

This enchanting South Carolina home features both a formal, raised bluestone patio and a more casual space with irregular slabs of the same material. Wide spaces between those slabs provide ample room for textural ground cover like dwarf mondo, sedums and thyme; those diminutive plants flow gracefully into larger beds around the space’s perimeter.

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Photo: CONTENT Architecture. From: CONTENT Architecture.

Concrete Collage

Viewed at a distance, this boldly geometric combination of concrete pavers, pea gravel beds, a graphic strip of lawn and mulched foliage functions like an outdoor art installation — and reads like an extension of the architecture beyond it.

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Photo: Paige Rumore. From: Brad Ramsey Interiors.

Natural Stones

These massive slabs of gray natural stone that surround the fire pit demonstrate how well a single resource can lend itself to a variety of structures.

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