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50 Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas From Top Designers and HGTV Stars

Check out these smart small front yard ideas for creating magical landscapes and inviting entries.

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Photo: Agnes Lopez. From: HGTV Magazine.

Tiny Yard Design Ideas

Large front yards aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. A small yard has a lot of benefits less work, less water and less money to maintain. And it can be just as charming with lush and colorful landscaping and well-thought-out hardscaping features that match the home’s architecture. Read on to find high-style ways to make your tiny yard the best on the block.

Here, on this pretty yellow house, a triple layer of landscaping — two rows of evergreens and a row of colorful annuals — along the front of this home adds dimension and interest. Ivy-filled window boxes and vibrant planters top off the charming look.

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Photo: Laura Armour Good. From: Erin Napier and Ben Napier.

Implement Window Boxes

If your landscape is lacking color, try adding window boxes like Ben and Erin Napier from Home Town did on this adorable cottage. Window boxes are relatively cheap, or you can DIY them in an afternoon. To amp up your curb appeal, match the window box color to the home’s front door or window trim. And bonus points if you can do like Ben and Erin and match the color of the mulch to the color of the stairs.

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Photo: Shawn G. Henry/Getty Images

Create Farmhouse Charm

Jonathan Knight, formally of New Kids on the Block, is now a Farmhouse Fixer extraordinaire. His family owned an early 1900s farmhouse. Jon had it moved and then renovated the home from top to bottom. The handsome green house is on land subject to a conservation restriction, meaning that only one house can stand on the 7-acre property. Even though the home has several acres, most of it is used for farming, so the actual front yard is rather small. But that doesn’t mean it's not brimming with personality. Jon created a broken flagstone walkway and a herringbone-patterned brick path. Both are lined with rows of colorful perennials such as hydrangeas, coneflowers and black-eyed Susan, plus ornamental grasses and lush evergreens. Staggering the height of the plantings with the tallest in the back on both sides of the pathways makes for a cozy and inviting portal.

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Photo: Raquel Langworthy. From: HGTV Magazine.

Rock It Out With a Boulder Wall

This 1910 home is charming in itself, but the landscaping also helps set it apart. The rock wall is made from stone that was dug out of the yard. Not only does it look gorgeous, the boulders help conceal the home’s foundation and prevent erosion. We especially love the way the hostas on the left spill over the rock wall and into the crevices.

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