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Tips for Creating an Inviting Walkway

By: Marie Hofer
It's not just a means of getting from here to there — make a path fun to follow.
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Create a Little Mystery

A gentle curve obscures the path ahead, inviting further exploration. The other pleasure of this garden, designed by Jeff Allen: The path is lined with soft, fragrant plants that invite you to brush up against them.

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The Best Approach

The most appealing front walkways are wide enough for two people to walk side by side comfortably. This patterned walk, designed by RMSer 66nick, ties the house to the hardscape and the plants in such a way that even a midwinter landscape looks good.

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Leisurely Strolls

You can control the speed of how someone might walk a path by installing a wide variety of plants with interesting flowers, foliage or fragrance.

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Varying the Materials

Another way to control the pace of a path is by inviting attention to each step. Mixing hardscaping materials is a fun variation in this electic pathway and is especially attractive in cottage gardens. Posted by RMSer Mikaniru

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