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Make a Christmas Fairy House

Build a tiny garden house in your yard and welcome in all the Christmas fairies this holiday season.
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Christmas Fairy House

Build this beautiful Christmas fairy house for your garden this year, and create a little pocket of holiday cheer in your yard. Use the ideas in this gallery to create your own unique little home.

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Constructing The House

Begin your fairy house with a piece of wood for the front. We used a slice from a large walnut branch. Cut lengths of twigs for your roof, and use hot glue or wood glue to create a pitched roof. Glue a couple of sticks to the front of the slice of wood to create an overhang, and glue the rest of the sticks in the back to make the roof as long as you'd like.

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Adding Windows and Doors

Once you know where your roof will be, you can add windows and doors wherever you like them. You can create them with acrylic paints, or if you aren't confident in your painting skills you can print them out and glue them on. If you do create your windows and doors out of paper, be sure to seal the wood with waterproof sealant.

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Front Door Details

Little details make your fairy house extra special, so don't be afraid to go overboard. We created a doorbell by hanging a little jingle bell by the front door, and created a little garland of fresh evergreen branches to hang over the door.

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