9 Cute Garden Markers That Will Inspire You to Get Planting

Whether you're sowing seeds or planting sprouts, identify your new garden in style.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn, Flynnsideout.com

Photo By: Melissa Caughey

Photo By: Fancy Frugal Life

Wooden Stakes

These adorable garden markers look expensive but they are simple to make using dowels and some wood scraps. Learn how to make this fabulous herb garden, including the markers >>

Hammered Flatware

A letter and number stamp kit goes for about $15. Treat yourself to one and you’ll be creating new signage all over your house. Your first project should be these kitchen utensil herb markers.

Rock It Out

Rock painting is a great rainy-day activity for kids. Get out the craft kit and let them go to town on some very inexpensive garden markers. Maybe, just maybe, they might be more apt to try the herb or veggie if they've created the label.

Upcycle Industrial Parts

Think outside the box when choosing materials to make your garden markers. These galvanized metal discs are actually dampers for an air conditioning unit. Durable, inexpensive with a chic industrial vibe, win-win. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Handmade Clay Markers

Use bakeable clay and cookie cutters to craft a tag for all your favorite veggies and herbs. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Classic Popsicle Sticks or Tongue Depressors

Say "ahh" to this simple but effective way to mark your seedling trays.

Gift Tag Labels

Keep your indoor herbs in order with traditional gift tags and ribbon. Learn how to plant an indoor herb garden in recycled tin cans >>

Tiny Chalkboards

This tiered herb garden is adorable with its cottage-style chalkboard labels. They're practical too, just wipe them clean and reuse again and again.

Repurpose Plastic Spoons

Cut back on trash by reusing plastic utensils. Give them a good washing and a coat of paint then get out the permanent markers or craft paint.

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