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Plants to Grow in Your Bathroom

Add these low-light, humidity loving plants to your bathroom for ultimate spa vibes.

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Best Plants for the Bathroom

While some of us are lucky to have green thumbs, other people can't keep a plant alive no matter how hard they try. Regardless of your plant prowess, though, this trend is one everyone should try. Turning your home into an interior garden or jungle-like oasis is all the rage, and for good reason. Aside from their air-purifying qualities, plants provide some serious style. These pops of green are welcome in just about any room, but lately, bathroom plants have stolen our hearts.

Having trouble remembering to water your favorite finds? That won't be a problem if they're right by the shower. You can easily add an editorialized style to your bathroom by adding in a few hardy plants, and the proximity to several water sources will help even the laziest gardener keep everything alive. Check out these plants that grow well in the bathroom and get inspired to add them to your space.

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Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Fiddle-leaf figs hail from the tropical rainforests of Africa, and will make themselves right at home in a sunny bathroom. Shower frequently — they love the humidity!

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Orchids need moist, well-draining soil and indirect light to thrive. We recommend growing these blooms in a bathroom with a window to encourage growth and reblooming.

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ZZ Plant

It's hard to kill a ZZ plant — it thrives in low-light situations and only needs water when the soil is dry. Yellow, curling leaves indicate too much light. A ZZ plant will typically even do fine in a bathroom without a window.

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