Plants to Grow in Your Bathroom

Add these low-light, humidity loving plants to your bathroom for ultimate spa vibes.

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Cool Springs Press

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Photo By: Costa Farms

Photo By: Image courtesy of Costa Farms

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Photo By: Costa Farms

Photo By: Image courtesy of Costa Farms

Photo By: Costa Farms

Photo By: Image courtesy of Costa Farms

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Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Fiddle-leaf figs hail from the tropical rainforests of Africa, and will make themselves right at home in a sunny bathroom. Shower frequently — they love the humidity!


Orchids need moist, well-draining soil and indirect light to thrive. We recommend growing these blooms in a bathroom with a window to encourage growth and reblooming.

How To: Make a Shower Caddy Garden

ZZ Plant

It's hard to kill a ZZ plant — it thrives in low-light situations and only needs water when the soil is dry. Yellow, curling leaves indicate too much light. A ZZ plant will typically even do fine in a bathroom without a window.


Moss can grow practically anywhere. We love this expansive living wall, but for a small-scale pop of green decorate your bathroom with terrariums full of moss.


The bathroom is actually the perfect place to overwinter your begonias, and don't be afraid to keep some there year-round — begonias love humidity and bright, indirect light.

Peace Lily

Peace lily will be happy in a sunny bathroom next to a shower. Water deeply and allow it to dry out between waterings — you'll know it's thirsty when the leaves droop.


Though the dumb cane tolerates even extreme neglect, it grows best in indirect light with regular watering. It will thrive with light humidity from a shower, but isn't completely necessary, making it a good choice for a guest bathroom, too. The plant creates a sap that can be toxic if consumed, so keep it away from pets and children, and wash hands after handling the leaves.

Snake Plant

Hardy snake plant can survive on low-light and minimal water. As an added bonus, the plant is said to filter indoor air pollution — think household cleaning products — making it a great choice for your bathroom.

Air Plants

Air plants are famous for being low-maintenance — they don't even need soil! Don't forget to give the plants enough light — a bathroom with bright light is preferred. Give air plants a soak in a dish of water for 12 hours every 2-3 weeks.


Philodendron is the kind of plant you'll have around for years. Even in less than ideal conditions, the vines twist toward any available light and can go for long periods between watering. The plant will be at its glossiest in a bright, high humidity bathroom. Try growing it from a hanging basket to save on counter space.


These attractive plants grow best in low or medium light. Keep it near a shower where it can soak up humidity, and make sure to keep it consistently watered to avoid brown leaves.


You'll often find these tropical plants hanging out in hotel and restaurant lobbies, and with good reason — bromeliads don't need frequent watering. When you do water them, pour the water into the plant's vase-like reservior.

Chinese Evergreen

Sturdy but beautiful, Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema) tolerates just about any growing conditions indoors. Leaves offer a variety of eye-catching patterns, and when there’s bright enough light, these tough plants send up calla lily-look-a-like blooms.

Lucky Bamboo

A popular gift, lucky bamboo looks great on a bathroom countertop. Water sparingly and remove any yellowed leaves to keep it looking fresh.

Ornamental Peppers

Believe it or not, but if you're lucky enough to have a bathroom with a south-facing window, you should recieve enough light to grow ornamental peppers. Make sure the plant doesn't dry out, and keep the colorful peppers out of reach of curious children and pets.

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