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Naughty Plants! Creepy, Stinky, Deadly Killer-Plants

Check out some of the plant kingdom's most unusual poisonous, odoriferous, carnivorous plants.

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Stapelia Lepida

Looking to add something unusual to your plant collection? Take a look at these exotic specimens and carnivorous plants. These incredible living decorations are more than your typical houseplants. They are a wonder of nature because of their unusual foliage and flowers, their survival techniques and how they capture their prey. So, whether you’re looking for a plant with unique scientific traits, or want to go a little dark and goth with your plant decor, check out these 26 beauties.

This sinister succulent lives low to the ground where it bides its time until flowering when the real action starts. Stapelia lepida's starfish-shaped flowers emit the smell of rotting flesh, enticing flies (which pollinate the flower), to lay their larva on its stinky blooms. But it's all a scam: the flies have been lured to the plant mistaking it for rotting meat and their larva will inevitably die without a food source.

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Photo: Frederick Depuydt

Helicodiceros Muscivorus

Also known as the dead horse arum lily, the equine stench of this flower attracts pollinator flies.

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Venus Flytrap ‘B52’

This predatory Venus flytrap has massive, bright red traps rimmed with unusually long teeth. When triggered, tiny hairs inside the trap will close in a fraction of a second, capturing its prey and slowly digesting it.

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Dracunculus Vulgaris

Also known as dragon arum, black arum and voodoo lily, Dracunculus vulgaris features a ruby flower known for emitting a short-lived but pungent scent of rotten meat.

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