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20 Plant Decorating Ideas

Houseplants can add texture, style and vibrancy to your interior design. Check out some of our favorite creative ways of styling with houseplants.

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How to Style Your Houseplants

Whether you're a beginner plant parent or a jungle-living expert, plants can help define your home's style and create a brighter environment. The key to creating a great space is adding the houseplants as part of your decor, not just around your decor.

When shopping for a new houseplant, think about where in your home the plant will fit best. Take into consideration necessities such as whether the plant is low-light friendly or needs a certain number of hours of direct sunlight? How large will it grow? And does it prefers dry air like a cactus or humidity like a prayer plant? Also, make sure you have enough time to take care of your plants. If you travel a lot, opt for a plant that doesn't need frequent watering or misting. If you don't have time to care for plants, artificial plants are not a faux pas; they will still make your space stylish and vibrant, just without the dirt.

Check out our 20 styling tips to elevate your space with houseplants and breathe fresh air into your home.

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Fill an Unused Space

Use a large or tall plant, like this bird of paradise, to fill an empty corner and add color. Instead of seeing a sharp corner the plant fills the area and softens the space. If the plant is close to a window, this also allows for an extension of the outdoors into the interior.

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Photo: Giselle Mays

Create Height Contrast

To create a layered look with your plants, use houseplants of varying sizes and pedestals or plant stands to play with height. Get creative and try a cascading effect or boost a smaller plant up to create the illusion of a larger plant. Try pairing one tall upright plant with one trailing plant to make your arrangement appear fuller.

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Go Solo or Make It a Group

If the minimalistic aesthetic is calling your name, use just a single plant on a bookshelf or coffee table. However, if lush greenery is your go-to, try pairing plants together in groups of three for a fuller look. Here, a pair of upright snake plants and a single vining pothos fill the space with minimal effort. Both these plants are great for low-light and low-maintenance scenarios.

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