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All About Mums: Arrangement Ideas

Chrysanthemums are making a huge comeback in floral arranging. Get inspired to create your own display with ideas from top designers.

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Photo: Design by Jorell Esteban of Eji’s Florist. Photo courtesy BloomNation

Short and Sweet

This desktop arrangement features Kermit mums, purple dahlias—which mimic the mum—a stargazer lily and a hydrangea.

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Photo: Design and photo by ProFlowers

The Bold and The Beautiful

White spider Anastasia mums, commonly referred to as spider mums or Fuji mums, are so unique that pairing them with a contrasting colored-flower like these red roses makes a bold and beautiful statement. Trimming your mums at an angle and keeping the water fresh will help them last up to two weeks.

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Photo: Design by David Mark of Designs by David. Photo courtesy BloomNation

Winter White

White orchid, cream roses and white mums make an elegant statement.

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Photo: Design and photo by ProFlowers

Pushing Up Daisies

Spray mums have multiple blooms per stem, come in a wide variety of colors, make great filler, and are very often referred to as daisies. This arrangement consists of 20 “daisy pompons,” which equal 100 blooms.

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