11 Creative DIY Centerpieces

Use a mix of flea-market finds, fresh fruit, veggies and even candy (yes, candy!) to create show-stopping centerpieces that won't break your budget.

Think Beyond the Florist

Do-it-yourself centerpieces can be fun and playful, subtle and sophisticated or rustic and raw. Each of these arrangements were made for $12 or less using flowers, food and creative containers purchased on the cheap.   

Springtime Serving Vessels

No vase on hand? No problem! Everyday items like a glass pitcher are a great stand-in. Add an assortment of colorful flowers then drop in a few lemon and lime slices for an added punch of color.  

Flowers for Free

Grab some shears and head outdoors to create a wildflower centerpiece. Match the flowers' earthy look with a simple rustic container, like a galvanized metal bucket or old wooden crate.  

Repurpose Old Paint Cans

Don't toss that old paint can, instead put it to work as a colorful container for a cheery centerpiece. Just be sure to place the flowers in a vase before setting the arrangement in the paint can to prevent any of the chemicals in the paint from leaching into the water.  

Magnolia Leaves + Faux Berries = An Arrangement That'll Last

For a low centerpiece that's long on rustic charm, mix fresh magnolia leaves with sprigs of faux berries in an old wooden crate. First, fill the crate with dry floral foam, then cut the magnolia branches to size and push the stems into the foam. Fill in any bare spaces between the leaves with berries. Finally, conceal the floral foam with a layer of Spanish moss or excelcior.  

Antique Glassware

Take that antique glass candy jar or jewelry box out of the china cabinet and put it to work as a chic centerpiece. Just fill with wet floral foam that has been soaked till saturated, cut roses to size and push their stems into the wet foam. Don't forget to keep the foam wet for a lasting arrangement.   

Farm to Table

Give your centerpiece a farmhouse-chic look by placing a vase filled with flowers in the center of an old wire egg basket, then surround the vase with fresh or faux eggs (available at your local craft store) in assorted colors.  

Silver Service

We all probably have a few pieces of vintage silverplate hidden away, just collecting dust. Dig them out of the cupboard, give them a light polish then put them to use as beautiful containers for spring bulbs. Plant the bulb directly in the container and top with a layer of moss or river rock.  

Vegetable Arrangement

Just like fruit, vegetables are a great alternative to flowers thanks to their wide variety of colors, shapes and textures. For this arrangement, we used a mix of cauliflower, artichokes and mushrooms, then filled in the gaps with fresh rosemary sprigs. The veggies are heavy so to arrange them like a pro, first add a block of wet floral foam (that has been thoroughly soaked) to the container. Use florist wire and tape to securely attach the cauliflower and artichoke stems to a short wooden dowel, then push the dowels into the foam. Fill in with mushrooms and fresh rosemary sprigs.   

Candy Colors

Add a playful touch to your centerpiece with colorful candy. The trick is to use 2 containers, one slightly smaller than the other. Place the smaller container within the larger, then fill the outer container with candy and the inner container with water and cut flowers.

Baby's Breath

Baby’s breath is an inexpenisve flower that's often used as filler in grocery store bouquets. Give this underrated bloom the chance to take center stage as a rustic centerpiece. Keep your arrangement mounded and low and place the blooms in a casual container -- like an old metal can.  

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