2018 U.S. City Superlatives: Did Your Town Make the Cut?

We deem these unique U.S. cities "the cool kids."

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Most Inspiring: Honolulu, Hawaii

This tropical tourist attraction takes the cake for America’s most inspiring city. Not only does Honolulu have lush wildlife, unmatched views and turquoise waters for days, but this Pacific Ocean gem boats a bustling art scene as well.

Most Charming: Charleston, South Carolina

This striking seaside city doesn’t serve as the backdrop for the show Southern Charm for no reason, y’all. Dressed in the prettiest pastel hues and dripping with southern history, Charleston’s cobbled streets will steal your heart.

Most Likely to Succeed: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ever heard of a place called Harvard University? The ivy-clad campus calls Cambridge, Massachusetts home, which makes success seem pretty inevitable for this New England city, no?

Most Dramatic: Los Angeles, California

Riddle me this: what could be more dramatic than Hollywood? The City of Angels is home to the rich, the famous and all the hopeful, waiter/actors in between. Even more dramatic than the movie sets, though? The traffic.

Best with Tech: Seattle, Washington

Sleepless in Seattle? That’s probably because everyone is taking in too much blue light and tossing back ferry-loads of Starbucks. Seattle is home to several tech giants, including Amazon and Microsoft, which makes it our pick as the top tech-wizard in the United States.

Most Changed: Nashville, Tennessee

What was once a simple, dusty honky tonk town is now gathering heat and quickly taking rank as a top spot for weekend getaways. Nashville, Tennessee is home to country music, hot chicken and pedal taverns aplenty, but also boasts a thriving art scene, craft beer district and a booming culinary community.

Most Entertaining: Las Vegas, Nevada

Have you ever heard someone say they were bored on their trip to Vegas? Us neither. With famous resorts and casinos plus 15 of the world’s 25 largest hotels, a lot of action happens along the 4.2-mile stretch of Vegas strip.

Most Spirited: New Orleans, Louisiana

Nothing compares to the spirit found in the streets of New Orleans. Soak up the Cajun culture, indulge in a beignet or two, and enjoy a festive, one-of-a-kind parade any day of the week.

Best Balancing Act: Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is a banking and financial hub and boasts a crisp, clean metropolitan city with endless eateries and rooftop lounges. Need a break from the hustle and bustle at work? Charlotteans get the best of both worlds — the Queen City is surrounded by several unique, ultra-charming historic neighborhoods filled to the brim with restored homes, dog-friendly bars and quirky, cat-friendly coffee shops.

Most Likely to Save the Planet: Portland, Oregon

The motto may be "Keep Portland Weird" but the city-dwellers of Portland, Oregon are also focused on keeping Portland green. The quirky city is a hipster hotspot and is recognized as one of the most environmentally-conscious cities in the United States.

Most Likely to House a Millionaire: San Francisco, California

C’mon, you had to see this one coming, right? San Francisco boasts incredible bay views and the most expensive real estate in the country. Buying a home in San Fran and being a millionaire go hand-in-hand, wouldn’t you say?

Life of the Party: Austin, Texas

Looking for a good time? More specifically, are you looking for an ultra-awesome, highly-Instagrammable and all around tasty weekend trip? Look no further. Austin, Texas is just the city to scratch that itch and then some. The weather is endlessly wonderful, there are tacos as far as the eye can see and bars and breweries are never too far from reach. Need more convincing? Austin collectively loves dogs, so you’re sure to spot some very good boys and girls along the way.

Best Date: Chicago, Illinois

You like sports? Chicago has sports. You like pizza or hot dogs? Chicago has life-changing deep-dish and loaded dogs live you’ve never had before. You like high-end shopping and Michelin-starred restaurants? They’ve got that, too. And did we mention the river? This city serves as the ultimate backdrop for first dates, second dates and those best-date-of-your-life dates, too. Chicago has something special to eat, to see and do for everyone.

Biggest Flirt: Miami, Florida

Spicy food, sultry culture and sun-soaked stunners galore, the winner for "biggest flirt" was a no-brainer here. Miami, Florida brings the heat in more ways than one. The sky-high temps make this city the "it" spot for throwing on your tiniest, itsy-bitsy bikini and taking a long, romantic walk along the beach.

Most Unforgettable: New York, New York

Has a city skyline ever changed you? I mean, really stirred up something deep, down in your soul, gave you goosebumps and left you speechless? New York City will do that to you. Whether you love it or hate it, New York demands your attention and you’ll never forget it. That’s a promise.

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