50 Creative Kids' Crafts to Banish Boredom

Long gone are the days of endless TV watching and cries of "I'm bored." Whether school is out, it's a rainy day, or the summer heat is just too much, we've got 50 crafty ways for your kiddos to entertain themselves.

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Photo By: Jalynn Baker

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Sidewalk Chalk Story Telling

As a kid, there is no greater feeling in the world than being told you can draw on the driveway. Encourage your kids to think outside of hopscotch and draw a scene they can put themselves in. Don't forget to capture their creation with a photo!

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Rowboat Sandbox

Give your kids the sandbox of their dreams, all while flexing your DIY muscles. If you're looking to boost the backyard's fun factor without lowering your home's curb appeal, this nautical-themed sandbox is perfect for you.

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Pom-Pom Bunnies

Say hello to spring with these adorably simple pom-pom bunnies! These little furballs take almost no time at all to make, and your kids will feel so empowered showing off their little creation!

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Backyard Mini Circus

Kids have a wild imagination that is always ready to go. They can turn a big, empty box into hours of fun. So just imagine what they could do with their very own circus tent and trapeze-inspired hammock chair!

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Road Trip-Approved Hidden Object Game

If you're headed out on the road with kids, it's best not to leave empty-handed. This simple DIY hidden object game will allow your kids (and you) to set the tablets aside and still have loads of fun.

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Bean Bag Stuffed Animal Storage

This handmade bean bag doubles as stuffed toy storage which means two things: 1) There is now a home for all of the stuffed animals you never know what to do with, and 2) your kids get the reward of sitting on the ultra-squishy chair once all the stuffed animals are put inside. It's a win-win.

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Summer Camp-Inspired Rope Keychain

Give your kids all the fun of summer camp without even leaving home! With these braided tassel key chains, you not only get to teach your kids a new skill, but you might end up taking a little trip down memory lane yourself.

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Finger Knitting Projects

All the joy of knitting, without the needles. You know what that means? This is kid (and parent) approved.

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Kid-Friendly Bean Bag Toss

Bean bag tossing is fun for all ages, but it can be a little challenging for young kids. Luckily, this DIY bean bag toss setup includes built-in guard rails and a fun shark theme that is sure to keep them interested.

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(Really) Thick Homemade Finger Paints

Instead of buying finger paint, opt for making your own with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. Give your kids all the messy joy of finger painting without all the wasted expensive paints.

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Fun Backseat Organizer

Make your car road-trip ready and kid-approved all at the same time. This super fun backseat organizer keeps all of your kiddo's go-to items right where they need them.

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Color-Coordinated Sleeping Pods

From summer reading to lazy movie nights at home, this adorable sleeping pod will be a your child's ultimate go-to spot. Let them in on the action by allowing them to pick the pillowcase pattern and even try their hand at a stimple whip stitch. Make a second pod for a friend, and your house will be the ultimate sleepover destination.

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Wax Paper Rainbow

When you need a last minute craft to help pass the time, using supplies you already have is a must. No one has time to go to the store for craft supplies every time inspiration strikes (especially with kids). Luckily, this wax paper rainbow craft will have your kids focused on fun without a trip to the store.

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Night Sky Canopy

Sometimes, kids just need a space to themselves. Whether it's for reading, playing or anything else they can think of, this night sky canopy is the perfect space. To make things even better, this DIY is so simple, you can get your kiddo in on the action!

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Kid-Friendly Work Bench

It doesn't matter if it is building a house or working hard on a sandcastle; everything is easier with a work bench. Or in this case, a play bench. This simple DIY will ensure your little cuties have all the space they need to check everything off their playtime agendas.

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Ruffled Rose Headband

Let's face the facts: Everything is cooler when it is handmade. Even for kids! In no time at all, you can turn a plain headband into a beautiful ruffled rose headband that will have your little one feeling extra special.

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Enchanting Tin Can Lanterns

Kid-friendly DIYs are loads of fun. Watching their little hands at work is just so precious. However, when what they are making is something you'll both love, it's a win-win. These enchanting tin can lanterns are just that!

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Animal Silhouette Growth Chart

If you're looking for a trendy-yet-inexpensive addition to your kid's room, look no further than this animal-themed growth chart. You can make it in an afternoon, but the end result looks like something you'd buy from a high-end children's store.

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Indoor Kid Fort

Turn a rainy day into a fun day inside with this indoor kid fort. With a quick trip to the hardware store, you can provide them with hours of indoor fun! Then, simply fold it up and store under the bed until the next rainy day.

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Hand-Painted Bracelets

Encourage your sweetie's creative side with these customizable wooden bracelets. With a little washi tape and craft paint, the design possibilities are endless!

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Gnome Garden Getaway

If you're anything like us, you love miniatures. This camp-inspired fairy garden fits in a metal lunch box and is overflowing with cuteness. We won't judge if you have all the fun making it, but we guarantee your little one will love it too!

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Seed Bombs

These DIY seed bombs aren't just fun to make, they are the gift that keeps on giving. Once done, just toss in the yard and have you child check everyday to see their growth!

Watch the Video: DIY Seed Bombs

Felt Veggie Garden

Teaching your child where food comes from and the value of hard work has to start somewhere! So, why not on the wall? This felt veggie garden does just that while also being an adorable addition to your home.

Watch the Video: DIY Felt Veggie Garden

Chic Tablecloth Playhouse

Who knew a simple white tablecloth could be transformed into something so adorable? This ultra-chic playhouse is not only cuter than any playhouse you'll find in the store, but it requires absolutely no sewing.

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Backyard Water Blob

Once summer hits, it can be difficult to keep the kids entertained for more than a week. Never fear, the water blob is here. Reminiscent of a '70s water bed, this fun outdoor activity can be created with inexpensive materials and a few minutes of work, but it will keep them busy all season long.

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Low-Mess Snow Slime

Who says you can't have snow year round? Not us! In fact, we've got the perfect how-to for a super fun, (surprisingly) low-mess snow slime. It's even cold!

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Swimming Pool Word Search

Beat the heat by getting creative and turning ordinary games into pool time fun! With a bread knife and a magic marker you can easily turn ping pong balls and pool noodles into a swimming pool word search!

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Backyard Bowling Alley

If you have a few moments to spare, we've got a striking DIY for you! Turns out, a yoga mat and some pool noodles are all you need to install a bowling alley in your backyard.

Get the How-To: Turn Pool Noodles Into a Backyard Bowling Alley for Kids

Marshmallow Launchers

Forgo the expensive water guns and foam dart guns and opt for a more...creative option. To build an super sweet marshmallow launcher, just tape a balloon end to a shortened pool noodle and let the games begin.

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Water Gun Paint Party

Turn your next kid's party into a backyard bash with water guns and paint (yes, you read that right). Load up inexpensive water guns with acrylic paints, lay out a drop cloth or two, then set up an easel and canvas. Your little Picassos will love it! You'll probably want to give it a try, too.

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Shark Towel

Make those sacred summer trips to the pool extra special with a DIY shark towel! Sew by hand or use a machine to spruce up an ordinary beach towel and make it fintastic.

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Butterfly Window Garland

Bring the outdoors in with a colorful, spring-inspired window garland. This super easy project is perfect for kids and will leave you with whimsical window decor you'll adore.

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Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

You'll be amazed just how easy and cheap it is to transform your backyard into a ninja-inspired obstacle course! Just stake dowels into the ground and slide pool noodles over them in various ways to create all types of fun obstacles.

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Pint-Sized Plant Stand

It's never been easier to get your little one in on the joy of planting! This pint-sized planter is the perfect way to ge them started.

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Kiddie Car Wash

Look no further than this kiddie car wash to turn your backyard into an ultra-cool waterpark. Skates, bikes and mini-cars alike all need a good cleaning, and this is the perfect spot!

Get the How-To: Crank Up the Fun With a DIY Kiddie Car Wash

Water Baloon Piñata

Sure, kids love candy, but that's nothing compared to a piñata made of water baloons! Best of all, this is a pinata they can totally handle by themselves, meaning no adults will have to step in and eventually get the candy out.

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Fairy Garden Fun

With a little hot glue, simple craft supplies and some potted plants, you can create a beautiful indoor fairy garden you and your kids will both love.

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Recycled Sandbox Garden

There comes a time in life when you outgrow your sandbox and move on to bigger, better things. Like raised garden beds! Instead of tossing that old plastic sandbox, follow our steps to turn it into a kid-friendly, fully-functioning raised garden bed.

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Washi Tape Racetrack

Make your child's dreams come true by transforming your floors into their very own racetrack! Just outline the track using washi tape, and let them use their imagination and get as creative as they'd like.

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Boo-Boo Buddies

Every child knows the upside to getting a boo boo is getting a super sweet bandage. Make them feel extra special with these adorable ice-filled boo-boo buddies!

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Felt Fairy Wall

If you need a no-mess alternative to the traditional fairy gardens, look no further than the magic of felt! This fairy wall not only serves as the perfect kids' craft, but it will also supply years of creative play and storytelling.

Watch the Video: DIY Felt Fairy Wall

Glove Monsters

We've all got a stash of single gloves just longing to one day find their mate. Let's be honest, that will probably never happen. Instead, go ahead and transform them into super silly glove monsters!

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Farm-Themed Balloon Animals

Whether you're planning a farm-themed birthday party full of little ones or just looking for a fun afternoon craft, these clever balloon animals are quick, easy and require no helium to make! Bonus: We've even created free printable templates for each animal.

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Paper Towel Roll Castle

If you're a parent, chances are you know by now you should be saving paper towel rolls, gift wrap rolls and basically all things cardboard. The DIY possibilities are endless! Inspire your kids to put those saved rolls to good use with this enchanting castle build.

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Whimsical Pinwheels

Pinwheels are a quintessential part of growing up. Make your child's day by showing them how to create one for themselves and introducing them to the magic of pinwheels.

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Giant Bubble Wand + Solution

Bigger is better, right? Definitely true for bubbles. Blow your child's mind with bubbles that are bigger than they are!

Get the How-To: Bring on the Bubbles: DIY Giant Bubble Wand + Solution

Doorway Puppet Theater

Bring out your child's inner performer with an in-house puppet theater that is all theirs! Nothing will make them feel more special than getting to perform their latest work for an eager crowd. And when the show comes to a close, simply removed the tension rod, roll up the curtain, and safely store for the next matinee performance.

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Recycled Crayons

Though kid-friendly, crayons just don't work that well in little kid hands. Instead of throwing away all those broken pieces, follow this DIY to turn them into brand new custom-color crayons that will fit perfectly in those adorably awkward hands.

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Giant Kerplunk

We said it before, and we'll say it again. Bigger is better, and this giant yard game is no exception! Turn your backyard into the ultimate party zone for kids and adults with out simple how-to.

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Super-Sized Tic-Tac-Toe

Add BIG time fun to your next outdoor get together with this over-sized Tic-Tac-Toe game you can build with your kids! Best of all, if the kids lose focus, you'll have nine hula hoops for plenty of extra entertainment.

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