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10 Indoor Camping Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Camping in the great outdoors is a lot of fun, but weather can sometimes put a damper on the best-laid outdoor camping plans. Fortunately, we've got some ideas to help you set up an awesome indoor camp-out for kids.

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Pitch a Tent

Just because it's raining doesn't mean you can't go camping indoors, like in your family room. Move the sofa and coffee table to clear a space, then set up like you would as if you were outside. Don't have a tent? This DIY indoor kid fort can easily double as a camping tent, at least while indoors. Or go really old school and gather up sheets, blankets and pillows to build a cozy blanket fort. Browse through our gallery to see more of our favorite indoor camping games and ideas. For even more clever ways to keep the kiddos entertained, don’t miss our kid-friendly activities, craft projects and science experiments.

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Make a Campfire

Even if you're camping indoors, you can still make a campfire. As in, a tissue paper campfire. It's super easy to make, too. Start with a tree trunk slice. You can find them on Etsy, but many craft stores also carry them. Next, crumple up dark and light brown construction paper for the base to look like logs, then add red, orange and yellow tissue paper for the flames.

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It's All About the Snacks

Camping snacks are a must, and s'mores are the most important of all snacks. If you're camping indoors, carefully toast marshmallows over the stove. Alternatively, place a graham cracker, piece of chocolate and marshmallow in the microwave for 15 seconds. Once it's cooked, add the second graham cracker. Kids will also love snack mixes, pigs in a blanket, popcorn and campfire cones.

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Play Camping Games

Get into the spirit with a selection of fun indoor camping games, like nature bingo and charades. Another fun idea is glow-in-the-dark ring toss. Start with glow bracelets or necklaces that you can use as rings. Place the glow sticks inside water bottles, and toss the rings over the bottles. Or simply break out the crayons and print camping-themed coloring pages.

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