10 Wedding Cake Toppers for Same-Sex Couples

Finding bride and bride or groom and groom options can be tough in big box stores, so we've rounded up our favorite handmade and custom-designed options you can buy online.

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August 23, 2019

Mr. & Mr. Topper

As someone who has recently planned her own same-sex wedding, I know how hard it is to find decor that isn’t blatantly his and hers. I’m so thankful for sites and communities such as Etsy where independent and LGBT makers can easily sell their wares like this classic Mr. & Mr. cake topper.

Buy It: Etsy, $20

Mrs. & Mrs. Topper

Calligraphy-inspired cake toppers are very trendy right now, and I’m in love with this metal wire script design. It’s dainty, a little bit boho and perfect for semi-naked or naked cakes. You could also bend it into an ornament after the wedding for a special keepsake.

Buy It: Etsy, $31.46

Love Wins Topper

I remember the exact moment the news of the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage was made. I was sitting at my desk at the HGTV office and our social media team posted a photo of a rainbow flower wreath on all of our social media channels. That day was so powerful and electric and happy, and today many couples in the US (my wife and I included) choose to include the final paragraph from the ruling in their wedding ceremony. If you want to commemorate that special day, this "love wins" topper is subtle but guaranteed to be your favorite wedding keepsake.

Buy It: Etsy, $20.95

Custom Silhouette

Instead of lifelike figures, try an artsy silhouette. You can order silhouettes of you and your partner from Etsy maker Custom Laser Studio. The design can even include items that show off your personality such as a guitar or your pet.

Buy It: Etsy, $14.99

All You Need Is Love Topper

If you can’t decide what you want on your cake topper, borrow some lyrics from your favorite song. The Beatles’ "All You Need is Love" is a classic choice. And I believe that--wedding prep stress or family drama aside--it’s a beautiful reminder of what your big day is all about.

Buy It: Etsy, $29.22

Custom Wooden Figures

I love that retro wooden peg people have come back in style in the wedding world for cake toppers. And I especially love that online maker Lollipop Workshop is catering to same-sex couples. The figures are totally customizable, from eye color to clothing. If you’re having a vintage '70s-inspired wedding, you need this cute little topper.

Buy It: Etsy, $150

Animal Pair Cake Topper

This topper really takes the cake. For fox sake they're wearing top hats! Puns aside, if you're not having a formal wedding or you just want to have fun with your cake topper, check out these adorable felt animal couples from Etsy. The bunnies are equally precious. And there are unicorns with rainbow manes.

Buy It: Etsy, $140

Love Is Love Topper

Keep it short, sweet and simple with this cake topper. We love the rustic, wooden script design. It would be perfect for a barn wedding or outdoor boho reception.

Buy It: Amazon, $15.00

Custom Bobbleheads

If you like the classic cake topper with a doll-like look-a-like, check out these custom bobbleheads from Etsy maker Hello MiniMe. Ordering is so easy. You send in photos of yourself and your partner with the outfit and position you want and then, just like magic, they make customized figures that look exactly like you and your spouse-to-be! This is also a great wedding shower present if you’re looking for something special and unique to surprise the couple.

Buy It: Etsy, $159.00

It Gets Better Topper

If you’re not familiar with the It Gets Better campaign, it’s a social media series where members of the LGBT community share their experiences of coming out and living out and proud. The point is to empower LGBT youth and help kids and teens know that despite bullying, prejudice and obstacles in life, it does get better. My own wedding was certainly a reminder to myself that it gets better. So much better. Top your cake with this sweet reminder and maybe even ask a friend to take a video to share with the campaign.

Buy It: Etsy, $25.00