The 10 Things You Need for Your Next Hand-Lettering Project

Lost art no longer! Learn how to create pretty faux calligraphy using these essential items.

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February 22, 2019

The Beginner's Guide

Written for those of us without any lettering experience, this guidebook from Chalkfulloflove covers everything from basic font types to unique flourishes. Follow the directions, complete the letter drills and watch as your faux-calligraphy starts to look pretty and professional.

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Bleedproof Paper

Practice makes perfect, so don't be afraid to stock up on your favorite paper. We're partial to this 11-by-14-inch sketchpad from Borden & Riley, which has 40 bright, bleedproof pages at an affordable price.

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Mechanical Pencil

As you're trying out different techniques, we suggest drafting your image with a mechanical pencil and then defining it with a permanent pen. This sleek number comes from Staedtler, a fine-writing instrument company based in Germany, and features a slim, 2mm-lead tip for more precise movements.

Buy It: Amazon, $8.70

Dual-Brush Pens

Take your hand lettering from basic to bold with the help of colorful, dual-brush pens. This pack contains nine different hues, which range from bright red to deep purple, plus a special pen for blending them. Use the brush tip when you want to create thick strokes or switch to the fine tip for clean and consistent lines.

Buy It: Amazon, $14.00 (Originally $16.99)

Nib Holder With Grip

When you're ready to move on from lettering newbie to novice, look to the calligrapher's most trusted tool: the dip pen. Comprised of a nib (the small piece of metal that deposits ink onto paper) and a nib holder, a dip pen will help your writing look smooth and sophisticated. This nib holder is one of the most respected on the market, with a sky blue grip that lets you work comfortably.

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Chrome Pen Nibs

Naturally, your nib holder needs a compatible nib. The ones pictured here have reservoirs that allow for uninterrupted ink flow and are relatively flexible for thicker downward strokes. But take note: you'll need to clean the nibs before initial use, as they come with a thin coating of manufacturer's oil to ward off rust.

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Matte Black Ink

A dip pen simply wouldn't be complete without ink. Made from highly opaque, carbon black pigment, this ink quickly dries to a matte black finish. In turn, your work will have even more definition.

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Linen Cloth

To clean your dip pen, you'll want to use something that's non-fibrous and won't catch on the nib. We recommend linen cloths, like this set from Threshold; they're soft and machine-washable.

Buy It: Target, $12.99 (Set of 4)

Sand Eraser

Let the record show that the faux-calligraphy community swears by this eraser. Though rough to the touch, the eraser's natural rubber latex and silica grit material removes colored pencil and most ink marks, so you don't have to waste any paper in the creative process.

Buy It: Amazon, $2.70

Pencil Pouch

Any excuse to purchase a cute new accessory, right? Keep your supplies neat and organized with the help of this poppy-covered pencil pouch. A pink tassel pulls the zipper closed and keeps your pens safe until you're ready for the next project.

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