8 Signs That You Have a Serious Rosé Habit

Think you love rosé a little too much? See how to tell if this trending sip is becoming an obsession.

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June 07, 2018

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Photo By: Fleurs de Prairie

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The Rosé Mansion Is on Your Summer Travel List

Connect with like-minded rosé lovers and expand your wine knowledge this summer (July 12-October 7) at New York City's Rosé Mansion, a two-story pop up at 445 5th Avenue. This immersive rosé experience features rosé tastings, education opps where you can learn more about your favorite sip, Istagrammable photo ops and decor ideas. Just look for the pink door and you'll know you have found your people.

National Rosé Day Is Your Christmas

While others look forward to New Year's Eve or Thanksgiving, National Rosé Day the second Saturday in June every year is your jam. Growing in popularity every year and outpacing all other wine growth in the U.S., this light summer wine has been frozen, accessorized with fruit and otherwise enjoyed by an increasing number of consumers. Often packaged in pretty bottles to show off its pink tint, rosés like Fleurs de Prairie from Provence, with its delicate notes of strawberry, rose petals and herbs, rosés have proven especially popular with female consumers.

You Stay on Top of Trends

Like rosé in cans!

Your Favorite Design Scheme Is Rosé

A certain soft pink hue has worked its way into your heart and into your home design, where pops of that delicate, girly hue show up, well, everywhere.

You Like to Play the Field

Variety is the spice of life and you've tried every wine there is: Beaujolais rosé, Grenache rosé, Sangiovese rosé, Tempranillo rosé, Syrah rosé, Provence rosé, sparkling rosé! A wine for every mood and every occasion!

All Your Recipes Are Pink

It's the main ingredient in all of your favorite cakes, cocktails, lollipops and more.

This Photo of an Adorable Puppy Reminds You of Something

Why does this photo of an adorable French bulldog make you thirsty?

Even Your Garden Is on Topic

Dahlias make excellent cut flowers, and they come in so many lovely shades of pink!

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