25 Natural Cleaners You Can Make and Use at Home

Say bye-bye to store-bought cleaners and give these homemade solutions a try. Each one has four-ingredients -- or less!

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All-Purpose Cleaner

Get addicted to homemade, non-toxic home cleaners with this easy-to-make disinfectant cleaning spray. Its ingredients lend it to be "all-purpose," and it'll leave your home smelling fresh.

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Glass Cleaner

Eliminate ammonia-based cleaners from your home and make your own glass cleaning solution that really works. You can make this window cleaner for mere pennies!

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Wood Cleaner

This cleaner is gentle on the polished wood surfaces in your home, and restores finishes to like-new condition. Remember that it's best to dry dust all surfaces before using a wet cleanser, and periodically re-polish to keep your wooden furnishings looking their best.

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DIY Cleaning Slime

Slime isn't just for the kids, and if you've played with it, you've probably noticed how quickly it picks up and clings to dust, hair, and dirt in your home. Use this attractive quality to your advantage; mix a batch of slime just for cleaning purposes, and use it to reach hard-to-clean spots to collect unwanted dirt.

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Essential Oil Cleaners

If you have a pet that likes to mark its territory indoors and it’s driving you nuts, we feel you. First, you’ll want to blot the soiled area and treat it with an enzyme-based cleaner to get to the root of the smell. Then, lightly mist with an all-natural spritz to deter repeat performances! We love this eucalyptus mix. Just combine one cup of warm water with 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil and shake before using!

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Dusting Cleaner

Use light mists of a dust-collecting solution on shelves and tabletops to capture and cleanse surfaces in your home. It'll collect build-up while polishing furniture surfaces.

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Vinegar Degreaser

Tackle greasy cookware and cooktop surfaces with this simple homemade spray that promises to cut through the tough stuff, and leave no traces or streaks behind.

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Stainless Steel Cleaner

Easily remove water spots and food splashes, and cure surfaces of those pesky fingerprints. Remember to wipe the surface in the same direction as the grain, and never, ever use steel wool or any abrasive material to clean a stainless surface.

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Bathroom Air Freshener

Leave a friendly trail with a travel-sized bottle of homemade air freshener that can accompany you whenever the need arises. Public restrooms and porta-potties will thank you for your generosity.

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Glass Cooktop Cleaner

Baked on food residue tends to build up on cooktops no matter how hard you try to keep them clean. Luckily, there are DIY remedies that can gently help loosen and clean away this residue. After you remove the tough stuff, use a homemade glass cleaner to leave a streak-free shine.

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Baking Soda Cleaners

Baking soda scours, deodorizes, and shines, making it a powerful additive to homemade cleaning products.

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Scorched Cookware Cleanser

These simple DIY solutions make it easy to reverse the effects of a scorched pan, or effectively clean cookware that's burnt with food. A little bit of soaking and then a bit of scrubbing, and there'll be no evidence of your cooking snafu.

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DIY Cleaning Wipes

Multi-purpose wet wipes are incredibly useful in the kitchen, and it's easy to make your own chemical-free wipes to keep on hand. Stored in a recycled container, these pre-moistened wipes are just as handy as the storebought variety.

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DIY Laundry Pods

All-natural, homemade cleaning products can be used in the laundry room in the form of powder, liquid, and even pre-formed pods that smell sweet and clean fabrics with ease.

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Makeup Sponge Cleaner

Proper cleaning of your makeup sponges not only cleans out the build-up, but eliminates bacteria and makes them refreshingly effective applicators, too. This simple at-home solution makes it easy to extend the life of these accessories.

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Coconut Oil Cleaner

Use coconut oil as an ingredient in your all-natural cleaners. It works hard to remove sticky residue, polishes, cleans, and conditions delicate surfaces with ease.

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Odor Eliminator

Lavender has miracle properties, mostly in that it can effectively refresh even the most odor-saturated parts of your home. Use this easy spray to refresh fabrics and surfaces.

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Wall Cleaner for Painted Surfaces

Dust your walls with a dry cloth, and then give them a full, top-to-bottom cleaning with a DIY cleaner that will rid them of fingerprints, baseboard scuffs and unexplainable dirt marks.

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Disinfectant Spray

Lemons are a natural disinfectant - also inexpensive, eco-friendly and synonymous with "fresh" - so it should be no surprise that we gravitate to this all-natural lemon-vinegar cleaner to kill household germs. Use it in your home, or keep a small bottle on hand when you travel.

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Pine-Scented Floor Polish

A lengthy infusion process is worth it for this DIY floor cleanser that smells just as good as all the store-bought pine scents. Use it to refresh the polished surface on wooden floors old or new.

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Toy and Playset Cleaner

Keep toys clean and free of harsh cleansers with this homemade solution that's safe for use on outdoor equipment, bedroom toys and bath toys.

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Oven Cleaner

Simple ingredients work together to form a natural cleaning paste that can be applied on the oven floor and walls. When left to work overnight, they'll totally take the pressure off you, and leave you with surfaces that only need a quick wipe-down.

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Simple Drain Cleaner

A combination of simple household ingredients are used to create effective drain rinses that work hard to combat grime, bacteria and clogs.

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Water Bottle Cleaner

I think you'll agree that your reusable water bottle - and all the bits and pieces - can be really hard to thoroughly clean. Lean into these safe DIY solutions that'll rid the interior of the bottle of any build-up and residue, and rinse clean so that your next sip is as fresh as your first.

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Carpet Cleaners

Simple ingredients are combined to create a dry odor- and bacteria-absorbing powder that cleans carpets in your most trafficked rooms. Spread this product at home next time you're doing a deep clean, and rest easy knowing that it's safe for families with kids and pets.

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