20 Clever Garage Storage Hacks

Upcycle old items into functional storage solutions for the garage.

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Photo By: Melissa George

Photo By: Melissa George

Photo By: Melissa George

Photo By: Melissa George

Photo By: Melissa George

Photo By: Melissa George

Photo By: Melissa George

Photo By: Melissa George

Photo By: Melissa George

Photo By: Melissa George

Photo By: Blue i Style

Photo By: Blue i Style

DIY Cleaning Tools Holder

Save floor space by hanging large items like brooms and mops on the wall. Make this wall-mounted holder from scrap wood and pipe straps. Get the full instructions here>>

Hanging Car Wash Bucket

Flat-backed feed buckets aren't just for feeding horses. They are perfect for storing car wash supplies right on the wall. Hang using a picture hanger, and easily transport from the garage to the driveway.

Spray Paint Can Holder

Spray paint cans fit perfectly inside plastic window planters. Mount the planters on the wall to save shelf space.

Coffee Bin Rope Dispenser

Create a rope dispenser using coffee bins. To make, remove the coffee can lid, and cut a slit in it with a utility knife. Put the rope inside the bin, and pull the rope end through the lid. Replace the lid, and dispense.

Chain Cord Hanger

Keep extension cords from getting tangled by hanging them on the wall from 1' foot sections of chain and a coat hook. Make sure to mount the coat hook on a stud or use wall anchors.

Towel Bar Clamp Holder

A wall-mounted rack is a great solution to storing various clamps. Next time you replace a towel bar inside the house, install the old one in the garage for a convenient way to hang clamps.

Garden Gear Hanger

Use clothespins and scrap wood to create a spot on the wall for gardening gear. Get the full instructions from Sadie Seasongoods>>

Locker Garage Storage

Transform old lockers into a place to hold paints and various chemicals in the garage. Easily add wood shelving inside the lockers to maximize storage space. 

Leftover Paint Canisters

Save garage space, and protect your leftover paint from rust by storing in plastic stackable kitchen containers. Label each container to keep track of the paint color and sheen. Get free printable labels from Blue i Style>>

Golf Bag Garden Tool Holder

An old, sturdy golf bag makes a perfect storage station for gardening tools large and small. Rakes and shovels fit in the top, and the pockets are perfect for gloves, small planters and other hand tools.

Dog Food Container Turned Recycling Bin

Plastic stackable dog food containers work great as lidded recycling bins for the garage. Add labels to keep things separated as needed.

DIY Garage Workshop on a Budget

Combine old dressers and tabletops to create a large workbench on a small budget. Get the full instructions from Polished Habitat>>

File Cabinet Garden Tool Storage

A filing cabinet is an easy, budget-friendly storage solution. Remove the drawers, flip the cabinet on its side and store large gardening tools inside. Photo courtesy of Pinterest Addict

Paint Supply Storage Solution

Small plumbing straps are a great organizing tool for wall-mounted storage. Use them to hold paint supplies and garden tools. Get the full instructions from Polished Habitat>>

Upcycled Paint Cans

Upcycle old paint cans into storage containers for painting supplies like brushes, tape and stir sticks. Label each can to keep everything organized. Get free printable labels from Blue i Style>>

Garage Shelving

If you have any jumbo toy buckets, get them off the floor and put them onto shelving instead. Using vertical space for storage allows for more floor space for bigger items and toys. Photo courtesy of Place Of My Taste

Ladder Scrap Wood Holder

If you have various sizes of lumber occupying the garage floor, store them on a ladder for an easy organization solution. Make your own ladder on wheels with instructions from Addicted 2 DIY.

Recycling Bin Hack

Recycling bins can hog precious floor space in the garage, but you can fix this problem by mounting the bin on the wall using scrap wood as a brace. Get the full instructions from Inspiration For Moms>>

Spray Paint Can Organizer

Use an over-the-door plastic shoe organizer to hold spray paint cans. Photo courtesy of Blue i Style

Scrap Wood Storage Container

Scrap wood can be a big source of garage clutter, especially after big projects. To keep it organized, add casters to an old toy chest or build a chest using the wood scraps, and place the remaining wood inside. Photo courtesy of Sypsie Designs

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