Kitchen Backsplash Styles

Browse ideas for kitchen backsplash styles, and get ready to design an attractive and useful backsplash for your kitchen.
Sink by is by Kohler. Faucet by Blanco.


Sink by is by Kohler. Faucet by Blanco.

Photo by: Chris Amaral

Chris Amaral

By: Sean McEvoy

If you're looking to update an existing kitchen backsplash or install a brand new one, your first step will be to peruse the wide range of kitchen backsplash styles available.

Gorgeous Kitchen Backsplash Options and Ideas

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From understated elegance to bold, intricate and eye-catching, the style choices for kitchen backsplashes are just about infinite.

Finding the right style for your kitchen backsplash starts with understanding whether you want to match the overall design of your kitchen, or use the backsplash as an opportunity to divert slightly from the design and add some visual punch to your kitchen. Backsplashes can add a great deal of color and eye-catching aesthetic appeal to kitchens, and they provide an excellent opportunity to express your style personality. As it's becoming more common for modern home design to feature clean lines, monochrome colors and kitchen cabinets and countertops without a ton of adornment, backsplashes can complement an otherwise minimalist design with some visual punch.

In addition to the aesthetic and protective qualities of a kitchen backsplash, many backsplash styles also offer an added benefit of convenience. The intended purpose of a backsplash, apart from visual appeal, is to protect the wall from cooking mess. If a backsplash is doing its job—and a kitchen is regularly used to prepare meals—then it's a good bet the backsplash gets dirty quite often and needs consistent cleaning. Ceramic tile and glass backsplashes, in particular, offer a convenient "wipe clean" benefit, as their uniform, smooth surfaces allow them to be cleaned quickly and easily.

In addition to offering a convenient and easily maintained surface, many backsplash styles are also highly customizable. Most backsplash materials are available in an almost endless array of styles, colors, shapes and sizes, and they can be purchased at just about any home improvement store, either online or in-store. Also, many tile specialty retailers can source or create any custom style of backsplash you need. So whichever material and style you're looking for, it's likely you'll find the perfect backsplash among the many options.

In terms of actual styles, there are several particularly popular choices for kitchen backsplashes. Subway tile is one of the most widely used, appearing commonly in homes and businesses. This style usually consists of rectangular ceramic tiles, often in white or light colors, with light grout. If light and bright doesn't suite your style, a wide variety of colors are available, and the rectangular shapes can be arranged to suit any kitchen design, as well.

Mosaic tile is another familiar kitchen backsplash design, especially for anyone looking to add some visual diversity to their kitchen. Glass, ceramic or stone are the most common materials used for mosaic tile. These small tiles stick to a mesh backing and are arranged in a diverse pattern. The mesh backing eliminates individual tile placement and grouting, making mosaic tile a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts.

Lastly, penny tile can offer a charming, vintage look to any kitchen. This style most often consists of round or oval tiles, often light in color, paired with a darker grout color.

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