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Modern Cottage Kitchen Remodel

By: Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien
Browse before-and-after pictures of a cozy kitchen remodel, featuring subway tile, a salvaged farmhouse sink and painted wood floors.
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Rental Rescue

Before the remodel this kitchen was an eyesore with dated cabinets and appliances on their last leg — definitely not a space to attract renters. The chimney (the real gem of the space) was hidden behind plaster. Property owners Charlotte Jenks Lewis and Brett Hartmann worked to preserve many charming, historical details of the original kitchen. They kept the vintage washboard sink and updated it with new cabinets and a working faucet. Photography by Charlotte Jenks Lewis

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Easy Updates

Color was the simple solution to unify the mix of cabinets — old and new, the cabinets are all glossy white. The couple added white cabinetry from IKEA to house the sink, dishwasher and built-in oven. A glossy white paint updated the original cabinetry and blends with the white lacquer IKEA cabinets. "There are different cabinets, but it works," says Brett. "The new cabinets are not right next to the old painted cabinets."

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Affordable Solutions

Originally there was an old, inefficient refrigerator in the rental unit; however, the house came with a fairly new white refrigerator in the downstairs kitchen. Charlotte and Brett decided to move that refrigerator to the upstairs kitchen to save costs.

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Charming Fixtures

Charlotte and Brett carefully chose special details, such as a vintage schoolhouse light that's now the centerpiece of the ceiling. Charlotte found the light at a local shop called Lighting Craftsmen.

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