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Small Modern Nursery Makeover

A spare bedroom in a 928-square-foot home is transformed into a comfortable baby room for twins.

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Double-Trouble Beginnings

When Adam Christian and John Volturo bought their 928-square-foot fixer-upper in Pacific Palisades, they fell in love with the 1949 design yet wanted to create a comfortable place for their new twin daughters, Michaela and Julia. Although the nursery had a large existing closet, it lacked sufficient storage. They replaced the existing '60s-era closet, installed new recessed lighting, and repaired the flooring.

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Artistic Inspiration

Inspired by the couple's love of quirky, midcentury art, this vintage paint-by-numbers became the spark for the nursery's color theme.

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Fresh and Modern

The nursery's design ties in the home's gray-and-white color scheme with the palette from the couple's inspiration piece, the small paint-by-numbers canvas.

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Warm Wood in a Modern Setting

New solid core doors cut down on noise so the babies would sleep better. The Douglas fir finish adds a cozy touch to the modern style.

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