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Seattle Home Gets a Parisian-Inspired Kitchen Remodel

By: Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien

A galley kitchen in Seattle gets a fresh design makeover with a mix of modern and French touches.

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Modest Beginnings

Before Sally Fouts’ kitchen remodel, the space featured cheap materials that were not durable. Looking around you’d notice cracked tilework and details like a shallow aluminum sink that was not pretty or functional.

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Entertaining Nightmare

The island in the original space divided the kitchen into two areas. You had to walk through a skinny pathway past the island to enter the family room. "The island created a bottleneck when I had people over," says Sally. "No one wanted to sit in the family room area, because it felt separated from the action in the kitchen. So they would stand along the narrow walkway area. It was really clumsy and awkward."

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Time for a Change

After spending five months in Paris, Sally came home with new design inspiration and couldn't wait to get started on her French-inspired, modern kitchen remodel. She recruited designer and friend, Casey Keasler of K.I.D. Collective to assist in the $30,000 remodel.

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Separate but Open

After the remodel, the breakfast table separates the kitchen from the family room. Sally wanted the space to feel separate but more open. "When I have company over, my friends tend to lounge on the couches while I cook, so it's really nice to have a more open space," says Sally. "It feels like we're still in the same room, but it’s naturally divided by the table." By removing the island, shifting the layout of the space and using a simple mix of bright whites and rustic woods in the kitchen, the gorgeous ceiling beams instantly catch your attention when you walk in the room.

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