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25 Genius Garage Exterior Lighting Ideas

It's lit! Your driveway, that is. We've put together a list to show you that, with the appropriate light fixtures, you can take an otherwise boring garage exterior to a whole new level of design zen.

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Photo: Courtesy of Clopay

Match Made in Heaven

A lantern-style sconce on the side of a farmhouse is like the icing on a cake. The two go together so well, it's hard to imagine any other option. This designer also opted for carriage-style doors with upper windows to allow a glowing light to emanate from within.

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Luxury Lighting

You really can’t go wrong with a few neutrals accented with bold green paint and a couple of copper sconces. Plain black sconces would have been a more budget-friendly choice, but the wow-factor of the copper fixtures playing off the copper gutter is worth the added expense.

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Photo: Manolo Langis. From: Christopher Brandon.

No-Show Showstopper

The sleek, minimalistic doors on this ultra-modern home’s three-car garage are given a subtle ambient boost with the addition of soft accent lighting across the top of the door. The lights themselves are not visible, heightening the effect they have on the warm wooden doors as well as the ground and surrounding environment.

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Photo: Kristina Lee Photography. From: Christopher Brandon.

Started From the Bottom

The warm wood garage doors on a home constructed of mostly glass and steel are the perfect stylistic juxtaposition. The hidden uplights beneath the doors provide just enough light to highlight the doors at night but stay out of the way of the home’s front elevation.

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