25 Genius Garage Exterior Lighting Ideas

It's lit! Your driveway, that is. We've put together a list to show you that, with the appropriate light fixtures, you can take an otherwise boring garage exterior to a whole new level of design zen.

March 04, 2020

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Match Made in Heaven

A lantern-style sconce on the side of a farmhouse is like the icing on a cake. The two go together so well, it's hard to imagine any other option. This designer also opted for carriage-style doors with upper windows to allow a glowing light to emanate from within.

Luxury Lighting

You really can’t go wrong with a few neutrals accented with bold green paint and a couple of copper sconces. Plain black sconces would have been a more budget-friendly choice, but the wow-factor of the copper fixtures playing off the copper gutter is worth the added expense.

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No-Show Showstopper

The sleek, minimalistic doors on this ultra-modern home’s three-car garage are given a subtle ambient boost with the addition of soft accent lighting across the top of the door. The lights themselves are not visible, heightening the effect they have on the warm wooden doors as well as the ground and surrounding environment.

Started From the Bottom

The warm wood garage doors on a home constructed of mostly glass and steel are the perfect stylistic juxtaposition. The hidden uplights beneath the doors provide just enough light to highlight the doors at night but stay out of the way of the home’s front elevation.

Don't Settle for Basic

Don't sacrifice your home's elegance by choosing a basic light fixture. These torch-style sconces perfectly complement the castle style of this home without being too over-the-top.

Modern Rustic Harmony

Good design is often achieved when two elements complement one another. These sleek, tubular lights form a perfect design balance nestled against the moody board-and-batten siding of this HGTV Dream Home's garage.

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Backlit Beauty

Some homes lend themselves to easy design decisions. A simple floodlight above the garage door was all this modern masterpiece needed. The real genius is the backlit, gridded aluminum doors that cast a soft, warm glow from the home.

Hang It Up

Take advantage of structural corbels by hanging pendant style lights from them. Choose an ornament lantern style to add a more bespoke finish to your home’s exterior, like the ones seen here from HGTV's Fixer Upper.

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Think Outside the Box

To avoid a clunky light fixture getting in the way of the crisp clean lines of this home, minimalistic, modern sconces were chosen to flank the garage door. The fixtures provide a soft accent light against the house, while lights along the driveway and a window above the door provide ample brightness for the outdoor space.

A Simple Solution

Though this jaw-dropping San-Francisco residence does not have a typical garage door on display, it does have a beautiful custom gate leading to a garage-level car vault. Because there is no wall space above the doors, lights are fitted within the planters on either side of the backlit translucent doors.

Opt for Ornamental

If your garage is this stunning, you can’t just wire up any old light fixture. These ornate hanging lanterns were the perfect addition to take an already beautiful exterior to the next level.

Symmetrical Bliss

Rather than choosing a bold stain color, the designer of this home chose to leave the cedar garage doors untreated and use light strips on each side of the door to cast a glow on the surface. This ingenuity makes the modern-industrial home look warm and inviting.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

When you need a well-lit outdoor space but don’t want to clutter up your home’s front elevation, opt for recessed lighting. This home only has three visible sconces surrounding the garage doors, but a total of 11 lights.

Mimic the Shape

The simple, square lights above the garage play off the clean lines of this modern, rustic retreat. When narrowing down your exterior lighting options, don't just consider style; also consider shape.

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Bold and Beautiful

Black iron and black shades make a statement on the front of this contemporary garage. The stark fixtures create a bold contrast against the white siding and serve as a design element whether day or night.

Reflective Thinking

For an interesting visual effect, uplights were installed in the driveway below these garage doors. Because the doors are stainless steel, the abstract reflection of the lights on the door amplifies the impact of the lighting on the home’s design.

Keep It Casual

A vintage-style, aluminum gooseneck light is the perfect subtle-statement light for the casual, beachy style of this HGTV Smart Home in sunny Florida.

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Subtle and Simple

What looks like one streamlined wooden door is actually two garage doors broken up by the glow of minimalist black downlights casting a warm glow on the wooden texture beneath. The lights are the one defining aspect of an otherwise simple wall.

A Sleek Alternative

The addition of small can lights lining the front of this home allows for an even, balanced amount of light to flood the exterior. Without sconces on the walls to break up the design, the home maintains a clean look.

Elevated Beauty

Copper can add an elevated style to an otherwise casual look. Take these gooseneck fixtures, for example. While white, black or bronze may have fit the space just fine, the copper domes add a flashy touch and up the home’s curb appeal.

Modern Mediterranean

Energy Star-rated outdoor wall sconces complement the modern lines and Spanish-style architecture of this garage. This elegant choice is a prime example of a fixture that is as pretty off as it is on.

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Shed Some Light On It

Lighting can and should be used to highlight your home’s more notable design features. This home features beautiful wooden gables along the front and uses intentionally position lighting to accent the gables while casting light on the driveway below.

From: Teresa Ryback

Gas It Up

The ultimate luxurious goal is to have real gas lanterns outside your garage just like this HGTV Smart Home. These fixtures come at a high price, but the end result with have your home looking like a million bucks.

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Shape-Shifting Design

This contemporary retreat in Bend, Oregon, uses the light cast down from its otherwise hidden fixtures as an architectural design note. The dark garage doors cast a warm glow down the center when night falls.

From: Hasson Company Realtors and Luxury Portfolio International®

Up Your Home's Charm Factor

If your garage is lacking some character, consider an antique-style lantern fixture for the exterior. The nostalgic design is sure to add the dose of style that your space craves.

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