24 Wine Cork Crafts

If you’re one of those people who saves the cork every time you open a bottle of wine, here’s your chance to put that collection to use. Get inspired by these handy wine cork craft projects and hacks.

October 08, 2020

Photo By: Sarah Busby

Photo By: Sarah Busby

Photo By: Sarah Busby

Photo By: Sarah Busby

Photo By: Sarah Busby

Photo By: Sarah Busby

Photo By: Sarah Busby

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Photo By: Sarah Busby

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Photo By: Sarah Busby

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Place Card Holder

Cut a small slice off one side of a wine cork to create a flat surface, then cut a 1/4-inch-deep slit in the opposite side. Voila! You have a simple-yet-elegant place card holder for your next dinner party. You can even make these in bulk for a wedding — they’re that easy.

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Garden Markers

Make inexpensive plant markers using wine corks and wooden skewers. Simply insert the pointy end of the skewer into the end of the cork, then write the names of your plants in permanent marker.


Protect your coffee table from those dreaded water rings with absorbent wine cork coasters. Using a piece of craft wood as a base, attach the corks in an alternating pattern with hot glue.

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Chip Clip

Short on chip clips? Keep your salty snacks fresh with wine corks. Use a knife to slice about halfway through a cork vertically, then slip the cork over your folded chip bag to keep it closed.

Succulent Planter Magnets

Bring some green to your kitchen with these cute succulent refrigerator magnets. Start by hollowing out a wine cork (about 3/4 of the way down) using a drill with a small spade bit. If you don't have a drill, you can use a steak knife instead, though it will take longer. Attach a magnet to one side of the cork using hot glue. Finally, place a succulent and a small amount of soil inside the cork. Mist with water occasionally to keep the plants hydrated.

Floor Protector

If your furniture is scratching up your wood floors, keep them looking pristine with cork. Slice a wine cork horizontally to create 1/4-inch-thick round sections. Then, use adhesive dots to attach them to the bottoms of your chair and table legs.

Wine Charms

No more mixing up wine glasses when you’re entertaining friends and family. Slice a wine cork horizontally into 1/4-inch-thick round sections, then paint each section a different color. (We painted half of each cork section for a color-blocked effect.) Insert a screw eye into each section, then add a wine charm ring. Buy a pack of 100 wine charm rings on Amazon.

Cord Keeper

Tired of your phone charger cable getting tangled in your purse? Drill two holes at each end of a cork and thread a bungee cord through them, tying the cord off at both ends to form a loop. Wrap the bungee cord loop around your neatly coiled cable, then slip the cork through the loop to secure it.


Turn a wine cork into a keychain by adding a screw eye at one end, then attaching a split key chain ring. Bonus: Cork floats, so this is a great hack if you need to keep your keys on you during a day at the pool.

Pot Lid Lifter

A wine cork can save your fingers the next time you have to touch a hot pot lid. Just slide a cork underneath the handle and use it to lift the lid.

Earring Holder

Tiny stud earrings are super easy to lose when you travel. Keep them all in one spot by removing the backs and sticking the earrings in a wine cork, push pin style.

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Protect your countertops from hot pots and pans with this easy DIY trivet made from wine corks and a cork tile.

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Boot Tray

Use wine corks and plywood to make a one-of-a-kind boot tray where you can stash your footwear near the door. The absorbent cork will soak up any moisture left on your shoes after a rainy day. Get the how-to for this project at Earnest Home Co.

Earbud Holder

Keep your earbuds neatly wrapped in your bag with this easy hack. Simply insert the metal end into a wine cork, then wrap the cord around the cork.

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Monogram Letter

Pick up a basic wooden letter from your local craft store and customize it with wine corks for a fun, decorative home accent. For added texture and interest, slice the corks into a variety of shapes and sizes.

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Ombre Heart

Add some color to your wall with an easy-to-make, ombre wine cork heart.

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Cat Toys

Keep your kitty entertained for hours by attaching feathers, ribbon and other irresistible items to wine corks. Find out how to make these easy cat toys at Sweet T Makes Three.

Vase Filler

Need to whip up a quick centerpiece? Wine corks make a great vase filler, providing both visual interest and stability for your flowers.


If your cork collection is especially large, you can even use them to create a one-of-a-kind backsplash. Try it in a wet bar, like Luke Perisich of Blue Sky Building Company did here, for a great conversation starter.

Double-Sided Seasonal Decor

This adorable wine cork pumpkin will add seasonal flair to your home from fall ...

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Double-Sided Seasonal Decor

... all the way through winter! Just flip it over to reveal a friendly snowman face and swap out the ribbon for a top hat.

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Christmas Tree Ornament

Craft an ornament for your Christmas tree using wine corks, ribbon and colorful scrapbook paper.

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Holiday Wreath

Jazz up your wine corks with metallic spray paint, then glue them to a flat wreath form to make this festive door adornment.

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Tabletop Christmas Tree

Add some holiday charm to your coffee or dining room table with a wine cork tree. Secure the corks to a floral foam cone using hot glue and display all season long.

TIP: Steam Corks for Easier Cutting

Corks can be difficult to cut; it takes some elbow grease to slice through them with even the sharpest of knives, and they can be brittle and easily breakable. Luckily, you can make this process much simpler by steaming the corks first. Fill a pot with a couple of inches of water and bring to a boil. Put your corks in a vegetable steamer basket and place it in the pot; let them steam covered for about 10 minutes. After they’ve cooled to the touch slightly, you should find them much softer and easier to work with.

TIP: Buy Online

If you want to get crafty with corks but aren’t much of a wine drinker, you can order recycled corks online in bulk. Buy 100 natural, recycled wine corks on Amazon.

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