10 Easy DIY Coasters to Gift or Keep

From mini vinyls and magazines to discarded floppy disks, these coasters prove that a little creativity and simple crafting skills can turn almost anything into a tabletop conversation starter.

Wine Corks

Put discarded wine corks to use by slicing them in half with a utility knife, then attaching each to a 4-by-4-inch wood veneer square with hot glue in an alternating pattern.

Paint Chips

Pick up paint chips and laminate flooring samples from a local home improvement store or use leftover materials from past remodeling projects. Lay the materials out on a flat, level surface in a well-ventilated area, then seal and secure them to one another with shellac.

Porcelain Tiles

Turn leftover porcelain tiles into stunning seasonal coasters. Using stencils and paint, create a wintry scene on the tiles. Once they're dry, add felt pads on the bottom to prevent them from scratching any surfaces. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Stitched Fabric

Cut any remaining fabric into 4-inch squares using scissors, then stitch the ends for a tailored look. Personalize the fabric by applying acrylic paint to the center of the square using a stencil and foam brush.

Mini Records

While standard-sized vinyl albums work well as plate chargers, mini LPs are ideal as drink coasters. Search for small vinyl albums or toy albums approximately 4 inches in diameter. Choose an assortment of colors for a playful look, or choose albums with the same coloring for a more cohesive feel.

Wood Slices

Cut cross sections into a dead stick using a hack saw, hand saw or table saw. Use painter's tape to divide the face of the wood slices in half, then paint the exposed parts with a sponge brush. Get creative and use more than one hue and try out different patterns, too. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Magazine Pages

Bring a burst of color and pattern to your table with coasters made from upcycled magazine pages. Tear out pages, then fold each page into 1/4-inch strips and coat with rubber cement. Next, cut approximately 25 strips and place them to the side. Unfurl a paper clip and wrap the first strip around, creating a perfect hole for the center of the coaster. Once the first strip is wrapped around the paper clip, keep it securely wound with a bead of hot glue. Continue to roll the strip around the paper clip, then layer other strips on top, securing each strip to one another with glue. Once the shape of a coaster takes shape, secure the very end of the last strip in place with glue.


Spools of rope can bring a touch of farmhouse charm to a tabletop. Unfurl rope from its spool, then coat it with acrylic sealer. Wrap a pencil with the rope until the diameter is approximately 3 inches wide. Protect the bottom and keep it reinforced by cutting a sheet of cork to size, then attach it to the rope coaster with hot glue.

Wood Trim

Bring a rustic touch to your tabletop with wood trim assembled as mini shipping pallets. Cut four 1/2-by-1/8-inch accent trim into 4-inch strips using a utility knife. (These will become the slats.) Next, cut three 1/4-inch strips to size as the bottom structure. Secure the bottom structure to the slats using wood glue.

Floppy Disk

Now that virtual clouds are the norm for backing up digital files, floppy disks have become practically extinct. Add a sense of nostalgia to your tabletop by using floppy disks as drink coasters. These can simply be placed on the table and used without any crafting at all, or they can be made waterproof by treating with resin.

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