Turn a Wooden Pallet Into a Garden-Tool Rack

Get organized using recycled materials with this easy DIY project.

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Photo By: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Photo By: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Photo By: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Photo By: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Photo By: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Photo By: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Photo By: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Photo By: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Photo By: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Photo By: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Photo By: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Photo By: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Photo By: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Photo By: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Photo By: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Garden Tool Organizer

Shipping pallets can be found for free at many hardware stores, furniture stores or even construction sites. Using a recycled pallet, recycled bow rake heads (who hasn’t broken a handle or two working the back forty) and less than ten dollars worth of hardware, this garden tool rack has rustic appeal and will help to wrangle the many garden tools one accumulates.

You Will Need

One recycled 40”x48” shipping pallet / two recycled bow rake heads / four 12”x½” galvanized anchor bolts / four ½”  nuts / eight ½” washers / paint or stain / six 3” deck screws / hammer / crowbar / tape measure / drill with ½” bit, ¼” bit and Phillips head screwdriver bit / adjustable wrench /paintbrush / level

Prepare Pallet

Inspect pallet for damage and tap down any protruding nails. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean. 

Remove Slat for Cubby

Use a crowbar or claw hammer to gently pry the slat from the pallet second from the end. Take care to avoid splitting the wood.

Attach Slat to Bottom of Pallet

Use a hammer to attach the removed slat to the end of the pallet to create an enclosed cubby. The nails will likely still be attached to the slat and may simply be driven in, but additional nails may be used, if necessary. This cubby can be used for storing small pots or other garden supplies once the rack has been mounted. 

Paint or Stain Pallet

Paint or stain pallet, as desired. In the spirit of cheap DIY, we used a rosewood stain left over from a previous project.

Measure Placement for Anchor Bolts

Select the more attractive side of the pallet and measure 14” from the top (the end opposite the cubby) Mark spots at 9” and 12” from each side. Anchor bolts spaced 3” apart will be used to hold long-handled tools. Note: Pallets are not uniform in construction. If a measurement of 14” from the top falls in a gap between slats, adjust placement by an inch or two, if necessary. 

Drill Holes for Anchor Bolts

Use drill with 1/2” bit to drill holes at marked points. 

Attach Anchor Bolts

Place a nut and washer behind a drilled hole and a complementary nut and washer on the front and thread anchor bolt through to secure. Repeat with remaining three holes to create a pair of tool-hanging brackets.

Tighten Anchor Bolts

Use an adjustable wrench to secure anchor bolts. The angled tip should be turned to face upward.

Prepare Bow Rake Heads

Depending on how rake handles were attached, holes may already be in place. If not, use drill with 1/4” bit to drill a hole through each of the rake handle mounts parallel to the tines. This hole will be used to mount the rake head to the pallet.   

Mount Rake Heads

Place rake heads centered from the sides of the pallet with tines facing upward at 20” and 32” from the top of the pallet. Use drill with Phillips screwdriver bit to attach rake heads using 3” deck screws driven through prepared holes. As with the anchor bolts, distance from the top and spacing between rake heads may require slight adjustment to fall on slats. These rake heads can be used to hang hand tools or any small, tethered items.  

Assembly Complete

Using a recycled shipping pallet, recycled rake heads and inexpensive hardware, this rustic rack will keep garden tools organized and easily accessible.

Mount Rack

Find wall space in a shed, garage or an outdoor location with an overhang large enough to keep the rain off. Position the tool rack on the wall with the top at a height of about 7 feet and level. Use four 3” deck screws uniformly spaced to attach.

Get Organized

This inexpensive tool rack will hold eight long-handled tools and at least ten hand tools with plenty of space left over for small pots, potting soil, gloves and other gardening miscellany tucked away in a convenient cubby.

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