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St. Patrick's Day Clover Decor

Create your own Patty's Day decor with these DIY clover-inspired crafts.

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St. Patrick's Day Decor

Celebrate St. Patty's Day with do-it-yourself decor inspired by the ever-lucky clover. This gallery will give you instructions on creating a framed clover centerpiece, a lucky banner and an ombre clover for your front door.

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Framed Clover Supplies

To create your framed clover you will need an empty frame, twine, hot glue and a variety of small clover shapes cut from stiff paper like card stock. Look for different colors, textures and patterns of paper to make your finished piece more interesting. Look for pre-cut clovers at your local craft store, or create your own.

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Create Clover Petals

If you can't find precut clovers or just want to save some money, don't worry! Making your own clovers is simple. Begin with a square that is about 1/4 the size you want your final clover to be. Fold it in half and cut out half a valentine shape. Unfold to reveal a full valentine shape. Cut a fat valentine for a three leaf clover, and a thin valentine for a four leaf clover.

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Clover Template

Lay your valentine shape onto a piece of paper and trace it. Keeping the point of the valentine in the same place, rotate and trace again. You should have three or four valentines in a circle with points together and sides touching when you are finished. Add a stem and cut out your clover in one piece. Use this first clover as a template to trace and cut out the rest of your clovers!

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