St. Patrick's Day Recipe for Kids

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with lucky fruit kabobs, tasty rainbows and pots of gold by playing with your favorite fruits!

St. Patrick's Day Fruit

Play with fruit this St. Patrick's Day to create luscious rainbows and lucky green fruit kabobs for fabulous party dishes or just for fun. These fruity creations are great to do at home with kids and might inspire them to eat some healthy snacks. Or take them to a St. Patty's party for some added color and fun.

Kabob Supplies

To make your St. Patty's Day fruit kabobs you will need fruit, skewers and a knife and cutting board. You can use any green and gold fruit you like. We used a Granny Smith apple, kiwis, limes and a mango but green grapes, star fruit and pineapple would also work well in the mix.

Four Leaf Clover

Begin by slicing up your fruit. You can cut it into simple cubes or triangles if you are in a hurry, but if you have a bit of time try cutting a few pieces into fun St. Patrick's Day shapes like this four leaf clover.

Three Leaf Clover

Mix some three leaf clovers in with your fruit shapes to make the ones with four leaves extra lucky! Simply trim away triangles from a slice of kiwi to create three lobes and a stem.

Leprechaun Hat

For an even simpler shape, cut a leprechaun hat from your fruit slices. Consider the scrap pieces your delicious reward for working so hard.

Shaped Fruit

If you have a few extra shapes, serve them on a tray with toothpicks for a quick snack. If you are going to use them for kabobs, make sure your shapes are thick enough to stay together when you put the skewer through.

Arranging the Fruit

Alternate colors and shapes of green and gold fruit on your kabob, finishing with a lime slice on top. The lime is also perfect for squeezing over your fruit before eating for an extra burst of flavor.

Finishing Touches

Finish your kabobs with a little green flag for extra festive fun. Cut two triangles out of green paper and carefully attach them with a drop of elmer's glue or a non-toxic glue stick.

Rainbow Supplies

Complement your green kabobs with a beautiful St. Patty's day fruit rainbow. Choose an assortment of your favorite fruits in as many colors as you can find. We recommend trying mango, kiwi, pomegranate, grapes, berries, citrus fruit, apples and melons. Bananas make great clouds and you'll also need some chocolate coins or other gold wrapped candy to create your pot of gold!

Arranging your Rainbow

To create your rainbow, begin with the smallest inner arch. Traditionally this means beginning with a purple. We used red grapes to start ours, but your rainbow can start with any color you like. Add successive colors and arches around the first, progressing with colors that lie next to each other in the color wheel. Finish your rainbow with a cloud of banana slices one one end and a pile of gold on the other.

Round Rainbow

If you like the rainbow idea but are interested in something a little more sophisticated, try creating a round rainbow platter instead of the traditional rainbow shape. Begin with your gold in the center, then add the banana before proceeding with the rings of color. This makes a delicious and beautiful party platter.

Personal Rainbows

If you have a smaller gathering or just want to have some St. Patrick's day fun with the kids, try making little personal rainbow plates. The most important part is keeping the colors in the right order, like they would be on a color wheel. This means blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, green and back to blue. No matter which color you start with, they always fall in the same order. Have fun and enjoy your yummy, colorful treats!

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