Simple Solutions for Craft Room Clutter

To crafters, it might seem like there are not enough shelves and bins in the world to hold all of the tiny bottles of paint, glue and glitter. Never fear: Here are 10 genius ways to corral the clutter that comes with crafting.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Michele Pacey

Photo By: Heather Dutton

Photo By: Alicia McDonald and Jamie Ritter

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Photo By: John Merkl

Photo By: John Merkl

Photo By: John Merkl

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Store Thread in an Egg Carton

You know those egg cartons that pile up by the recycling bin? Leftover embroidery floss, thread or yarn nestle perfectly inside the egg cubbies. Paint it a bright hue like Michele Pacey did to brighten up your craft space.

Store Odds and Ends in Muffin Tins

Whether you've accumulated more muffin pans than you bake with or have found some great antique versions at rummage sales — like this one featured on Vintage Indie — it's time to put them to use. A tray placed in a craft drawer can separate odds and ends in a snap — and keep them in place. It also makes it easy to carry pint-sized supplies from room to room. Photo courtesy of Heather Dutton

Turn a Cheese Grater Into a Pencil Holder

Take an old box grater (you'll want one with dull enough openings to prevent cuts) and fill the opening at the top with floral foam cut to fit snugly inside. Loop a wire through two holes on one side of the grater to form a hook, then flip it and hang on the wall. Fill with colored pencils and pens. Photo courtesy of Alicia McDonald and Jamie Timmer

Hang a Memo Board to Organize Paper Clutter

Tack up crafting inspiration, favorite cardstock or finished projects on an easy-to-make memo board.

Organize Ribbon By Color

Ribbons wrapped around pieces of cardboard take up less space than spools. A heart sticker on each drawer front corresponds with the ribbon color inside. See more of this amazing craft room featured in HGTV Magazine.

Turn a Kitchen Island Into a Craft Table

A butcher block-topped kitchen island is the right size and shape for a standing craft table, and offers lots of storage down below. Cover the surface with kraft paper to protect it from crafting fallout. 

Set Up Paper Like Stores Do

Paper crafters, take a cue from craft stores: Clear plastic stacking trays tucked inside square cubbies but your color-coded paper organized and close at hand. See more of this amazing craft room featured in HGTV Magazine.

Turn Household Items Into Stacking Storage

This spinning caddy is actually built of a lazy Susan, cake pans and candlesticks hot-glued together. To keep baker's twine from tangling, drill a hole into each metal jar lid so one end of the twine can poke out. See more of this amazing craft room featured in HGTV Magazine.

Turn Baby Food Jars Into Hanging Storage

Even a window can provide functional and attractive storage space. Paint baby food jars in ombre hues, then connect them using copper wire from the jewelry-making section of the craft store. Fill with pencils, buttons or variety odds and ends.

Turn a Mason Jar Into a Sewing Kit

A scrap of fabric and a little polyester fiber fill turn the inside lid of a Mason jar into a convenient pincushion. Fill the jar with sewing notions, then seal the top with the outside lid.

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